” VeloCloud, now VMWare SD-WAN was one of the first SD-WAN vendors that we onboarded and even 5 years later, few vendors come close to the simplicity that the technology delivers “

SDWAN and SASE Solutions

VMware SD-WAN for Enterprises


Optimising connectivity to cloud hosted applications and resources, continuous network uptime and an empowered workforce are all critical in today’s world.

VMWare’s SD-WAN technology transforms the Enterprise, virtualising the WAN by decoupling the network software from the hardware platform, resulting in agile, simple and flexible networks, with boosted performance and scalability while leveraging the Cloud.

“Even though our IT team has extensive experience in networking and applications, without centralized management we would need three times the current headcount to manage all of our branches’ needs” 

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Vision, Differentiator, Future

VMWare SD-WAN makes it possible:


Simplify WAN Operations

Branch offices can be provisioned in minutes with zero-touch deployment. Your WAN can be centrally managed from the Cloud with remediation, control and full visibility. Automation, outcome-driven policies and full analytics lets your business scale quickly, where and when you need it to.

Assure Application Performance

Use any WAN technology to optimise application performance with the ability to determine deliver your data and content across multiple connections. Policy based prioritisation, continuous link monitoring, intelligent traffic steering and dynamic remediation allows you to deliver the desired quality for business-critical applications.

On-Ramp to Any Cloud with Ease

VMWARE Gateway As a Service allows you to access SaaS, hybrid and multi-cloud directly. Managed onramp to any cloud enables easy cloud adoption and latency is reduced as no traffic is backhauled to data centre locations.

Choices in Edge Security

Intelligent security policies are enforced throughout your entire network. Third party and cloud-based security or firewalls are easily inserted into any traffic route. Your traffic is prioritised, protected and isolated via end-to-end segmentation and a zero-trust business model.

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SDWAN and SASE Solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN and SASE Solutions

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SDWAN and SASE Solutions

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SDWAN and SASE Solutions

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