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In this section, we share our vast SD-WAN industry knowledge and attempt to eliminate vendor noise and market confusion, as we cut through marketing phrases and expose SD-WAN products that we feel are not quite up to standard – the SD-WANNABES, as we refer to them!

We do this by focusing on the 7 core attributes that define a true SD-WAN solution, compare with vendors that don’t quite reach the standard and highlight why each attribute is important to your business. Read the 7 SD-WAN service attributes as defined by the MEF, which our CTO and CEO assisted the MEF in compiling as 2 of only 12 SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts in the world. READ IT HERE

We all want the same – we want to remove the confusion, cut through vendor hype and get the best SD-WAN solution, tailored to your exact requirements

How To Spot a True SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN is the latest technology buzzword, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Traditional security & network providers are scrambling around desperate to adapt to advances in technology. There are hundreds of promoted products & services trying to squeeze into an SD-WAN mould, yet when you drill deep down into the technology, these products usually cannot compete with the features & benefits that true SD-WAN products deliver.

SDWAN Solutions has extensively researched the market and selected who we believe to be the best-in-class providers across the globe. Expanding on the MEF SD-WAN standards, we developed our own scoring process to ensure that our solutions deliver true SD-WAN functionality. We only work with vendors who score over 85% in our testing. Pure-play SD-WAN providers tend to score up to 35% higher than legacy products adapted to deliver versions of SD-WAN.


Our decision to work with a vendor is the culmination of a meticulous & on-going vetting process scoring all vendors on:

  • SD WAN product and functionality,
  • on-going product development,
  • company history, ethos and vision
  • financial stability and distribution locations,
  • level & responsiveness of dedicated support,
  • dispatch and ease of deployment,
  • supplier relationship & flexibility
  • and of course, the costs.


SILVER PEAK vs JUNIPER: Intelligent Packet Steering

Silver Peak SD-WAN intelligently monitors traffic and sends each packet down the best performing path at any given time. This ensures optimum application performance and user experience and makes the best use of all connectivity options available at any time.  Juniper SD-WAN pins applications to specific connectivity links, and then fails-over to secondary links resulting in dropped sessions, degradation in application performance and does not utilise all available bandwidth – inferior performance, degradation of user experience: In our opinion an inferior solution.



ORACLE vs CISCO MERAKI: Link Failure Recovery

In a correctly designed SD-WAN network, using Oracle SD-WAN software, the loss of a single link or connection does not have any impact on your traffic flow. Dynamic remedy is sub-second and not noticeable to users i.e. calls will remain connected and video will not buffer. In figures taken from Cisco Meraki’s own website, the time taken for Cisco device to realise that a link is no longer active, can be up to 5 minutes, translating to 5 minutes of downtime as traffic is pinned to specific links in this vendor’s SD-WAN solution.



SILVER PEAK vs FORTINET: Packet Loss & Latency

Silver Peak SD-WAN solutions adapt dynamically and intelligently to changes in the underlying network connections. Fortinet SD-WAN solutions retain sessions across the same link until the session fails and can restart on a new link. Packet loss, latency and jitter will result in pixelated video and poor quality video using this vendor solution, whereas Silver Peak solutions intelligently steer traffic around link brown-outs and fluctuations in link quality, in near real time.



ARYAKA vs VPN SOLUTION: Link Failure Recovery

Aryaka SD-WAN, using the global Aryaka backbone and BOOST WAN Optimistaion outperforms a standard VPN solution every time! Aligning the correct SD-WAN vendor and using the correct technology components when designing a solution to solve your specific business requirements is vital to achieve the WAN performance that is required.  That is why we work closely with you and share our vast SD-WAN technology, component, vendor and design knowledge to ensure your solution is tailored for you, is right first time and solves your unique business challenges.



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