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Retail therapy with SDWAN Solutions

The news that retail giant Intu is at the point of calling in the administrators is yet another blow to an already suffering retail sector. For a shopping mall giant to reach potential bankruptcy (or perhaps more likely, be seeking a bail-out from the government or private sector) it becomes all too apparent that if they go, they may well take other retailers with them.

From mothballed global supply chains to shuttered high streets, and now deserted and locked shopping centres, retail is looking to make cost savings across every facet of their operations, from the shop floor to head office, logistics to buying – and that’s where we can help save potentially millions!

Technology specifically designed for high street retail and hospitality will help recovery

SDWAN 1-2-3, is the world’s first ever complete SD-WAN solution globally to break the £100 per month barrier (per site) and has been specifically created for the high street retail, hospitality and services sectors. We developed this, our 5th world-first innovation at the SDWAN Solutions Lab in Brussels, and worked tirelessly to bring the launch forward by 6 months to genuinely try to support UK (and European) high streets, shopping malls and retailers recover. Not only does SDWAN 1-2-3 deliver huge cost savings, it simultaneously provides the network connectivity required to enable retail and hospitality businesses to manage and communicate with every one of their essential stakeholders, partners and touchpoints, from supply chain to customers, remote workers to delivery drivers, eCommerce operations to logistics, and it ensures critical business continuation should (we sincerely hope not) another crisis arise.



High Street Retailers can make huge savings on their network costs to use elsewhere!



SDWAN 1-2-3 delivers up to 65% savings on network costs – this represents a saving of hundreds of thousands of pounds for medium-sized businesses and chains and into multiple millions for larger enterprises. SDWAN 1-2-3’s solutions costs around just 35% of MPLS and an average of half the cost of all other SD-WANs on the market today and delivers affordable, cutting edge network intelligence, complete network visibility, centralised control, business application focus and non-intrusive zero touch deployment. As well as reducing network costs, SDWAN 1-2-3 boosts network performance ensuring applications, POS units, CCTV, remote working and even guest WI-FI operate at optimal levels and are always connected.

Our team genuinely hope these not unsubstantial savings might enable retailers to keep stores open, retain staff or even boost sales in other arenas such as online, which will help them weather any further storms on the horizon of a similar nature.


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SD-WAN specifically for high street retail – so, what does it actually include?

SDWAN 1-2-3 ensures that all your smaller stores stay connected for under £100 per month per site. The all-inclusive price of £99.95 per month per site includes:

Network technology to help business recovery

Our CEO, Anthony Senter explains. “We’ve brought the launch of SDWAN 1-2-3 forward by 6 months, and have been working around the clock to get it ready for when it is most needed, so that we can help businesses at this difficult time.

“We have designed all of our SDWAN 1-2-3 products specifically for each sector in order to solve the connectivity vs cost issues faced by many businesses – from micro to mega – as we understand that business connectivity needs and reliance have suddenly grown exponentially as the current crisis has, but budgets are even more stretched than ever before. We want as many businesses as possible to benefit from what amounts to huge potential savings, and believe all our product offering such as RETAIL 1-2-3 for shops and chains, SERVICE 1-2-3 for hairdressers, beauty salons and spas, FAST 1-2-3 for restaurant’s, coffee shops and takeaways and IoT 1-2-3 for any device monitoring, to name just a few, will help the UK high street recover and get back to business.”


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New retail technology – we’ve something else up our lab coat sleeves!

But retailers really need to watch this space as we’re about to launch something new (our 6th world-first innovation) that will save even more costs for high street businesses and help their recovery. Via collaborating and joining forces with two global technology giants we will soon be announcing the launch of another incredible service as part of the SDWAN 1-2-3 offer (optional). All we can say right now is that retail and hospitality businesses will be in very safe and SECURE hands….. more soon!



What retailers need to know about us – SDWAN Solutions is an award-winning business and ranked in the top ten of UK SD-WAN providers. We have created 5 world-first network innovations which have beaten Google, Juniper and Cisco (to name a few) to market. These global tech giants soon followed our lead and announced roadmaps to take their own versions of our innovations to market – but we consider that a compliment and an endorsement of the need for our inventions!



What retailers need to know about our unique SDWAN -1-2-3

What retailers need to know about our unique SDWAN -1-2-3

From our consultations with current SD-WAN 1-2-3 customers within the retail and hospitality sectors these are the most common issues we’ve encountered (and solved). We’re sure you’ll have loads more and we’re here – so feel free to ask – but we’ve added them to this blog so you might gain more insight into how retail specific SD-WAN will benefit your business, save money, ensure business continuation and underpin your digital transformation.

My existing 20mbps MPLS costs over £300 per month per site, how can you offer a comparable service for £100?

We developed SDWAN 1-2-3 for that exact reason – there are thousands of small stores etc. and companies using IOT devices that require constant connection to remote Data centres, devices, hubs, cloud or even to the Internet, but cannot justify spending over £300 per month. Innovation in technology, being able to offer solutions using cost effective connectivity options, implementing smarter ways of working, solid vendor relationships and having our own hardware devices means that we can offer quality solutions at affordable prices – without compromising on solution benefit.

What are the differences between Options 1, 2 & 3?

SD-WAN services are subscription based and charged according to bandwidth throughout. Many customers have small bandwidth requirements. Option 1 has a 20Mbps SD-WAN licence, effectively supporting 20Mbps traffic throughput at any time. This is sufficient to connect up to 8 POS devices, supply business Internet for a handful of users, connect security cameras, connect to DC’s, HQ and warehouses,  update live stock inventories etc. Option 2 supplies 50Mbps traffic supporting many more users, connections and devices, as well as introducing guest WiFi. Option 3 is tailored to your specific requirements and supplies throughput options from 200Mbps up to 5Gbps.

Can I mix and match Options 1, 2 & 3 in a single solution?

Yes – SD-WAN 1-2-3 is designed to do exactly that. Smaller locations need less connectivity (and have less budget) than medium and large sites. We work with you to ensure each and every location has the correct connectivity solution, without sacrificing any benefit.

My stores already have a single FTTC internet connection, can I still use SD-WAN 1-2-3?

Yes, we can replace one of our connections with your existing connection or include it in our solution. Your connection must have a private IP address. You remain responsible for the payment and support of the existing service. As and when your existing service becomes out of contract, we will gladly discuss replacing the service with an SDWAN Solutions service, so that you have a complete and fully managed solution end to end, with a single point of contact and support.

What’s the difference between SD-WAN 1-2-3 and your standard SD-WAN solutions?

SDWAN 1-2-3 Option 1 offers a 20Mbps licence and a purpose-built SD-WAN hardware device, whereas our standard SD-WAN solutions start at 50Mbps and include a higher specification SD-WAN device capable of running additional VNF installations etc.

Is SD-WAN 1-2-3 suitable for every business i.e. an office environment?

Option 1 has been designed to cater for smaller sites with reduced bandwidth use and smaller budgets. Options 2 and 3 are suitable for most other requirements, offering solutions up to 5Gbps.

Can I trial an SD-WAN 1-2-3 solution in a few branches to make sure that it is suitable for my group?

We demonstrate the solution in a FREE OF CHARGE 2 week Proof of Concept trial live on your network to show how SDWAN 1-2-3 solves a pre-agreed list of criteria. Please ask us for details on how to get started. We can also demo the solution live in our SD-WAN Research and Development laboratory.

We sincerely hope SDWAN 1-2-3 will help high street business get back to business. Talk to us and get specific and tailored solution for your business, with FREE 2-week POC.

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Toby Sturridge

Toby Sturridge

CTO, SDWAN Solutions

Toby is the SDWAN Solutions Group CTO and also heads up SDWAN Solutions SRL, in Belgium. Toby is one of only 12 SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts globally and is certified in over 8 SD-WAN vendor technologies. He is also responsible for SDWAN Solutions innovation, delivering SDWAN Cloud 18 months before any other tech company followed suit.

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