How the charity and NGO sectors benefit from tailored OMNIA solutions or from any of OMNIA’s add-on product or service modules

  • 43% of high-income charities do not have a formal cyber security strategy in place.
  • 32% of charities and NGOs have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months.
  • ¾ of overseas children and health charities see secure online education or basic healthcare as an essential element to their offering.
  • 97% of senior staff and advisors to global charities and NGOs said secure connectivity, even in remote areas, is essential to their daily operations and keeping their staff and volunteers safe.
  • Approximately 785,000 instances of cyber-crime affected charities in the UK in 2023.
OMNIA - everything your business needs. The affordable all-encompassing network and security solution, only available from SDWAN Solutions

Fully Managed

Complete solution

Best value

Your charity or NGO operates on the foundation of trust and integrity. The OMNIA solution delivers a solid and secure foundation to keep your charity connected, cyber protected and data assured. OMNIA offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed not only for large international organizations but also for grassroots initiatives and nonprofits of all sizes. From enabling you to manage donor contributions securely to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, OMNIA empowers charitable organizations with cutting-edge network solutions and robust security protocols.

With advanced encryption spanning layers 2, 3, and 4, along with seamless integration across multiple cloud platforms, OMNIA delivers unparalleled protection while remaining cost-effective. Whether you opt for a complete OMNIA solution or modular components customized to your organization’s specific needs, you can have confidence that your data, operations, and reputation are safeguarded, reinforcing your mission and fostering success in your endeavours.

 You, your patrons and donors, your internal users, your IT and support department, your supporters, your CISO, your CFO and most importantly, your beneficiaries, will all see the benefit of OMNIA


A powerful hardware device that delivers SD-WAN, Security & Data Assurance

  • Desktop or 1u Rack mounted appliances in single or High Availability configuration
  • uCPE with segmented VNF to run multiple services i.e. SD-WAN, Security and Layer 4 encryption simultaneously
  • Available for delivery, install, management and support in 190 countries, incl NBD or 4-hour RMA
  • Available in 3 powerful sizes to suit every site type
  • Devices can take 4 – 10 connections including 1GE and 10GE

Reduces costs

Greener solution

Can use 12v DC

Reduces IT management

Charities and NGOs benefit from OMNIA’s Vena and Vecta Universal Edge CPE’s cost-effective connectivity solutions, enabling them to extend their reach and impact with secure, reliable communication tools for coordinating efforts and protecting donor data, especially in remote areas where a constant power source is not available.


Atomius SDWAN

Resilient, always on networks built on intelligent next-generation foundations

  • Pure-play SD-WAN developed by SDWAN Solutions
  • Number of connections only limited by hardware
  • Packet-based dynamic traffic steering
  • Under 0.3s failover between circuits
  • Maintains voice and video sessions during an outage
  • Capable of using 4G as a main connection
  • Best performing solution using Starlink & 4G simultaneously
  • 1 licence covers 10Mbps – 1Gbps throughput
  • Licences are transferable, even between networks
  • 3 licence tiers – suitable for SME to global enterprise

Any connectivity


Best value


Atomius SD-WAN provides cost-effective, reliable connections for global operations, enabling NGOs to maximize resources and ensure data security for sensitive donor information. Atomius SD-WAN shines in the most demanding territories where traditional connectivity is not always available and where funds are limited.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE framework

Full Security Framework provided on the edge, in the Cloud or on Premise

A full security framework provided using only best-of-breed vendors

  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • SWG – Secure Web Gateway
  • Firewall-As-A-Service
  • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Endpoint protection

Cyber threat protection

In-country cloud

Fully managed

100% malware protection

An OMNIA Integrated SASE solution significantly enhances charities and NGOs’ ability to protect sensitive donor information and operational data. By consolidating Check Point’s security services like SWG, CASB, and ZTNA into a unified framework, OMNIA SASE facilitates secure and efficient remote operations, crucial for organizations often spread across multiple regions with varying cyber risks. This approach ensures that their digital communications and data transfers remain secure against cyber threats, enabling these organizations to maintain donor trust and focus on their core mission without compromising data integrity or compliance with data protection regulations.


SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

True Zero Trust Layers 2,3 and 4 encryption protects your data in your network, in the Cloud & in transit

Classify & protect sensitive data across any network with zero impact to performance, scalability or operational visibility.

  • Layers 2,3 and 4 data assurance encryption
  • Operates independently of applications & the underlying network
  • Enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit
  • Protects against double extortion ransomware
  • Protects data North to South (WAN) and East to West (LAN)
  • Your data becomes worthless if compromised

Protects data in transit

Data compliance

Prevents fraud

Customer trust

OMNIA’s Data Assurance Layer 4 encryption can greatly benefit charities and NGOs by protecting their sensitive data, including donor information and operational details, from cyber threats. This type of encryption secures data in transit, ensuring that communications and transactions remain confidential and tamper-proof. For organizations that often operate in regions with heightened cybersecurity risks, this adds a crucial layer of security. It also helps in building donor trust by demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding personal and financial information, which is vital for maintaining and growing support.



Your purpose-built, in-country, secure, intelligent gateway to the connected world

  • Multi-tenant or dedicated Cloud gateway for SD-WAN, local in-country Cloud security, remote access, IoT hub & more
  • Use SDWAN CLOUD to connect to every IaaS and SaaS provider instance – delivering true Multi-Cloud
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally on a consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU
  • Seamlessly connect and secure your IoT devices

Global access

Best value

Faster access

Data Compliance

For charities and NGOs, SDWAN and SASE Solutions SDWAN CLOUD’s multi-cloud access and in-country cloud gateways enable secure, efficient operations across geographical boundaries, crucial for their global outreach and local engagement. This technology ensures data compliance with regional regulations, facilitates real-time collaboration among international teams, and supports secure, scalable distribution of resources. It optimizes operational costs, allowing more funds to be directed towards their core mission, and enhances data security, which is vital for protecting sensitive donor information and maintaining trust.


SDWAN and SASE Solutiosn SDWAN Connect

Resilient connections from anywhere to anywhere on the planet – using all available technologies

  • Fully Managed as part of a solution, or individual circuits – wires only
  • Single point of contact for entire network incl 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active support
  • Short-term contracts available to support our exclusive ReTech guarantee
  • Solutions designed per site to provide maximum technical and commercial benefit
  • Resilient Multi-vendor options so you are never reliant on a single carrier
  • Fully integrated with Edge Connect – end-to-end connectivity to 900 DC locations

Enables collaboration

Global reach

LTE & Satellite

Emergency deployment

SD-WAN and SASE Connect’s access to resilient connectivity technologies and providers enables charities and NGOs to expand their global reach, improve operational efficiency, enhance data security and privacy, foster collaboration and partnerships, and effectively respond to emergencies and humanitarian crises worldwide.

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Global Reach and Outreach: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity enables charities and NGOs to extend their reach and impact to remote or underserved communities worldwide. With reliable network connections, they can effectively communicate, collaborate, and deliver aid and services to areas with limited infrastructure or resources.

Efficient Resource Management: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity facilitates efficient management of resources, including donor databases, fundraising platforms, and program management systems. NGOs can securely access and share data, streamline administrative processes, and optimize resource allocation to maximize their impact and effectiveness.

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief: In times of crisis or natural disasters, SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity is crucial for coordinating emergency response efforts and delivering timely assistance to affected communities. NGOs can rely on resilient network connections to maintain communication with field teams, mobilize resources, and coordinate relief efforts efficiently.

Data Security and Privacy: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity solutions offer robust security features and encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive donor information, financial data, and operational records. This ensures compliance with data protection regulations and maintains trust with donors and stakeholders.

Collaboration and Partnerships: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity fosters collaboration and partnerships among NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders involved in humanitarian and development initiatives. By facilitating real-time communication and data exchange, resilient connectivity enables NGOs to work together more effectively, share best practices, and address global challenges collaboratively.

Capacity Building and Training: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity supports capacity building and training programs for NGO staff and volunteers, regardless of their location. NGOs can leverage online learning platforms, webinars, and virtual collaboration tools to provide training on various topics, including humanitarian aid, project management, and community development.


SDWAN and SAE Solutions - OMNIA XDR

A sophisticated cybersecurity solution that delivers round-the-clock monitoring and remediation.

  • Accelerated threat detection and response technology, boosted with AI
  • Integrates data from OMNIA SASE as well as Atomius SD-WAN devices
  • Easily extended to include endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and LAN devices
  • Ensures proactive risk management and mitigation across your entire digital landscape
  • Enhance your cybersecurity defences with predictive intelligence.

Protect data

Threat detection

Reduced costs

Strengthen security

With OMNIA XDR platform integrated into Atomius SD-WAN (and further extended to include LAN and end points) charities and NGOs are empowered to enhance their security posture, protect donor information, achieve regulatory compliance, ensure operational resilience, and optimize costs, ultimately enabling them to focus on their mission of making a positive impact in their communities and around the world.

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Enhanced Security: Integration of OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN provides charities and NGOs with robust security capabilities to protect their sensitive data and assets. This comprehensive security solution ensures continuous monitoring and threat detection across the organization’s network infrastructure, safeguarding against cyber threats such as malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches.

Real-time Threat Detection and Response: By combining OMNIA’s XDR capabilities with Atomius SD-WAN, charities and NGOs can detect security incidents in real-time and respond promptly to mitigate potential risks. The platform enables organizations to correlate security events across endpoints, cloud services, and remote locations, allowing for quick identification and remediation of security threats.

Protection of Donor Information: Charities and NGOs often handle sensitive donor information, including personal and financial data. Integrating OMNIA XDR into Atomius SD-WAN helps organizations protect donor privacy and confidentiality by implementing robust data protection measures, such as encryption, access controls, and threat intelligence, to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Compliance with Regulations: Charities and NGOs are subject to regulatory requirements related to data protection and privacy, such as GDPR and HIPAA. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps organizations meet compliance obligations by providing continuous monitoring, logging, and reporting capabilities essential for demonstrating adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Operational Resilience: Charities and NGOs rely on uninterrupted access to critical applications and services to support their missions and initiatives. With OMNIA XDR built into Atomius SD-WAN, organizations can ensure operational resilience by detecting and mitigating security threats while optimizing network performance and availability, even during unexpected disruptions or cyberattacks.

Cost Efficiency: Consolidating security and networking functionalities into a single platform offers cost efficiencies for charities and NGOs. By eliminating the need for multiple security appliances and management tools, organizations can reduce hardware, licensing, and operational costs while maintaining robust security defences and network performance.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE REMOTE deviceless SD-WAN client

Deviceless ZTNA keeping your entire remote workforce connected and protected

  • SASE REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s Windows laptop

  • SASE REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (Wi-Fi, 4G, broadband) with sub-second failover

  • Direct internet breakout from SDWAN CLOUD – optimising cloud and SaaS user experience by-passing Data Centres

  • Secure, robust connectivity with no VPN concentrator to manage or purchase

  • End-to-end secure solution protects users, your data and your network when your staff are working outside of the office

  • Traffic logging – full visibility to your users’ access and Internet usage

Remote locations


Cost effective

Zero Trust Access

SASE Remote’s deviceless SD-WAN client with true Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) offers NGOs and charitable organizations enhanced data security, regulatory compliance, remote work enablement, cost-effective solutions, collaboration and partnership capabilities, and disaster recovery resilience, empowering them to fulfil their humanitarian mission and deliver impactful services in a secure and connected environment.

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Enhanced Data Security: NGOs and charitable organizations handle sensitive donor information, financial records, and confidential communications. SASE Remote’s Zero Trust architecture ensures that remote users can securely access organizational resources without relying on traditional VPNs, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber threats. This heightened security helps protect donor privacy, maintain trust, and safeguard the integrity of organizational data.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: NGOs and charitable organizations are subject to regulatory requirements related to data protection, transparency, and accountability, such as GDPR, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and CCPA. SASE Remote offers a modern and secure alternative to VPN access, enabling NGOs to maintain compliance with regulatory mandates while ensuring the confidentiality and security of sensitive information, thereby avoiding legal liabilities and reputational damage.

Remote Work Enablement: Many NGOs and charitable organizations operate in remote or underserved areas where access to reliable network infrastructure may be limited. SASE Remote provides seamless and deviceless connectivity, allowing remote workers to securely access organizational resources from anywhere, including remote field locations, disaster relief areas, or temporary offices. This enables NGOs to effectively support remote teams, volunteers, and partners, ensuring continuity of operations and timely response to humanitarian crises or emergencies.

Cost-Effective Solution: NGOs and charitable organizations often operate on limited budgets and rely on donor funding to support their mission-driven initiatives. SASE Remote offers a cost-effective remote access solution that eliminates the need for dedicated VPN hardware and simplifies remote access management through a centralized cloud-based platform. This helps NGOs reduce infrastructure costs and administrative overhead, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently towards their core humanitarian objectives.

Collaboration and Partnership: NGOs and charitable organizations frequently collaborate with external partners, volunteers, and local communities to deliver aid and support programs. SASE Remote facilitates secure collaboration and partnership by providing remote users with seamless access to shared resources, communication tools, and collaboration platforms. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and coordination among stakeholders, enhancing the effectiveness and impact of humanitarian efforts.

Disaster Recovery and Resilience: NGOs and charitable organizations often operate in regions prone to natural disasters, political instability, or civil unrest, which can disrupt communications and access to resources. SASE Remote ensures operational resilience by enabling remote workers to securely access organizational resources during emergencies or crisis situations, facilitating disaster response, humanitarian aid delivery, and community support efforts, even in challenging or remote environments.



Securely connect your devices to clouds, data centres and offices worldwide, bypassing the Internet

  • Securely connect your IOT devices to your network
  • Connect back to any location bypassing the public Internet
  • Reduce the threat of cyber-attacks on IOT devices
  • Use OMNIA IOT to build a secure payment network for POS units

Enhanced security

Operational efficiency

Streamlined operations

Real-time data

Charities and NGOs stand to greatly benefit from OMNIA IoT, a powerful solution tailored to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and amplify impact. By leveraging IoT technology, these organizations can streamline processes, monitor assets in real-time, and gather valuable data insights to drive informed decision-making. With OMNIA IoT, charities and NGOs can amplify their mission delivery, maximize donor trust, and ultimately make a greater difference in the communities they serve.

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Improved Resource Management: OMNIA IoT enables charities and NGOs to efficiently manage their resources, whether it’s monitoring the condition of equipment, tracking the distribution of aid supplies, or optimizing energy usage in their facilities. Real-time data insights provided by IoT sensors allow organizations to identify areas for improvement and implement cost-saving measures, ultimately maximizing the impact of their resources.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By deploying IoT devices and sensors across various aspects of their operations, charities and NGOs can automate routine tasks, minimize manual intervention, and streamline workflows. Whether it’s automating inventory management, optimizing fleet routes for aid delivery, or remotely monitoring field operations, OMNIA IoT empowers organizations to operate more efficiently and focus their efforts on core mission objectives.

Increased Accountability and Transparency: Transparency is crucial for maintaining donor trust and credibility. OMNIA IoT provides charities and NGOs with the ability to track and report on the utilization of resources and the impact of their programs in real-time. Through IoT-enabled monitoring and reporting, organizations can provide stakeholders with accurate and transparent insights into how their contributions are being utilized, fostering greater trust and accountability.

Data-Driven Decision Making: OMNIA IoT equips charities and NGOs with valuable data insights that can inform strategic decision-making and program planning. By collecting and analyzing data from IoT devices deployed throughout their operations, organizations can gain valuable insights into beneficiary needs, operational inefficiencies, and emerging trends. This data-driven approach enables organizations to adapt and innovate their programs to better address the evolving needs of the communities they serve, ultimately maximizing their impact and effectiveness.

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