“A lack of younger and more diverse trustees presents a number of risks for charities. Research found that charities were concerned about a lack of innovative and new thinking ( 61% ), being out of touch with the charity’s beneficiaries ( 61% ) and a difficulty in reaching new supporters ( 59% ).”


With reduced donations and funding charities must reach out to new audiences and engage in a new and compelling way. Just as with many other business sectors turning to video, charities must harness the combined powers of video messaging and social media to engage the activist generation into acting, donating and fundraising. Charities, NGOs and NFPs are needed more than ever as we emerge from the pandemic. A truly global crisis, Covid-19 has destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses and created mass unemployment in both first world and emerging economies. The challenge for third sector is – how to survive in a climate of greater demand, yet decreased income from a less affluent society. A recent Civil Society survey states that in 2019 only 11% of charity respondents believed future incomes from the private sector would decrease, now, in 2020 a huge 62% of respondents believe this to be true.


SDWAN Solutions will provide full management of our SD-WAN and SASE solutions at 50% discount to all registered charities, for the life of the contract!

Typical  Problems:

  • Many governments plan to plug national financial holes via drastic reduction in their foreign aid and charity funding budgets, putting yet further strain on the entire third sector globally.
  • With donations down, it’s now more important than ever for Charities to stay connected and communicate with a digital audience.
  • With 41% of the charity sector citing breaching data protection as a key fear and 38% citing cyber attack as another, there is clear need for greater protection and understanding around technology and data.
  • Most small charity branches are located in remote areas where decent connectivity options are limited. Health charities struggle to stay connected during visits to remote areas where their services are needed most
  • Charities often have a full IT team at HQ locations but no IT personel in remote locations or in the field, where they are most needed.
  • Collecting and analysing data from field posts is vital for the fight against disease for example, and these outposts are usually very remote.

“As the baby boomer generation declines (a stalwart of fundraising and donations) third sector must engage Generation Z and appeal to the activist youth. Strategic and compelling video and social media deployment is the route to a new, tuned-in generation.”

How our SD-WAN solutions solve these problems

Reduced costs:

Our solutions are designed to reduce costs while improving benefit and efficiency – allowing you to do more with less. Our solutions are provided with no upfront costs and a clear monthly charge, which means your charity will reap the benefits from day 1. 

    Stay connected with fewer outages:

    Businesses that have deployed SDWAN are seeing a 69% reduction in the amount of time a typical site is off the network in a year, and an 80% reduction in the length of individual incidents.

    SaSe keeps you secure:

    By integrating Cloud or edge security into your SD-WAN solution, your data, your users and your sites are protected from Generation 6-7 attacks, and all sites are controlled and managed centrally.

    Use any available connectivity:

    Our solutions are designed around each individual site requirement, making use of the best available connectivity options, and using SD-WAN technology to enhance these connections, keeping you connected wherever you are.

    IT teams not needed at every location: 

    A configured device is sent directly to a store and a non-IT skilled person is able to unbox, plug in connectivity and power up. That’s all that needs to be done. No IT staff are required. Your IT team can also monitor each store’s service and make changes remotely from a central location.

    Innovative solutions for extreme requirements:

    We have solution options to solve even the most trying of circumstances, from using provider agnostic roaming 4G and satellite services as connectivity options, to supplying SD-WAN devices that run off of 12V or UPS devices to ensure connection even without traditional power sources. Remote door entry and IoT running over SD-WAN technology can further reduce your costs and staff requirements

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