“Not having online supply chains, distribution and manufacturing fit for current and future purpose, crisis proofed and adaptable, has been instrumental in many retail and hospitality businesses crashing during the pandemic, even the giants have crumbled – you don’t want to be the bargain that gets snapped up!”


Customer experience expectations evolve extremely rapidly. Everything from voice activation to uber-fast connectivity is in place in many customer homes – and they expect the same, or better, when they venture out. Increasingly customers expect to instantly and securely merge online and real-world experiences to browse your offers and curate their own tailored experiences which will decide their purchase decisions, and all with security guaranteed.

High-quality customer experience:

To ensure the best customer experience in store, SD-WAN will not only ensure your stores have reliable internet access, but it also provides the agility needed to roll out the needed platforms for new store capabilities in minutes rather than weeks, enhancing the customer experience with new in-store features.

Separation, Security, Speed & Sales:

SD-WAN combined with SaSe provides a secure, fast and unbreakable public in-house network that is crucial to browsing, up-selling and garnering repeat business. Via traffic segmentation, a feature of SD-WAN, you can rest assured that your customer wi-fi traffic is completely isolated from your POS, CCTV, corporate network. 


Typical  Problems:

  • Post-pandemic many retail and hospitality businesses are seeking to reduce costs and find future and crisis proofing solutions for their businesses. However, they still recognise they need to deploy their digital transformation strategies which will engage customers 24/7 365, no matter where they are, albeit perhaps with reduced budgets.
  • Many smaller businesses in the retail and hospitality sector cannot afford to deploy the sector-specific solutions available to larger chains and corporations.
  • Many high street and regional retail and hospitality locations don’t have their own on-site IT departments or support, and frequently run on single connections which prevent card payments when offline.
  • Many retailers struggle with POS issues as a result of necessary activities on the network such as crucial updates to servers, updates to POS systems or the process of an introduction of new services to stores. All of which can prove very time consuming and uses all available bandwidth that stores rely on, at the very least bringing all other traffic on the WAN to a crawl, adversely affecting the store’s staff and customer experience.
  • Many stores, cafes and outlets are located in shopping malls and airports where it is notoriouslu difficult to install cheap and reliable connectivity.
  • Many companies struggle to provide the bandwidth needed for upload hungry CCTV surveilence and security systems. 

” Everything from supply chain to talent acquisition, staff training and deployment has gone online and/or remotely. One High Street food retailer had to find 5,500 new recruits due to operations moving online, and they all had to be sourced, trained and deployed remotely. “

How our SD-WAN solutions  solve these problems

Cost, space and staff savings:

SD-WAN enables the retirement of old routers, firewalls and carrier networking devices from the stores and also eliminates the need for outsourced management of the old equipment – physical space and cost savings are often considerable. SD-WAN enables smarter working, doing more with less and boosting output and productivity.


We’ve created a no-compromise network solution for every retail and hospitality business, no matter your size. SDWAN 1-2-3 is a complete SD-WAN solution that includes everything your smaller store or outlet needs – Full SD-WAN software and hardware, 2 forms of connectivity, full solution design, installation and support, starting from under £100 a month – your entire store’s network is delivered with no upfront charges and the industries lowest monthly cost.

No IT staff required on-site: 

A configured device is sent directly to a store and a non-IT skilled person is able to unbox, plug in connectivity and power up. That’s all that needs to be done. No IT staff are required. Your IT team can also monitor each store’s service and make changes remotely from a central location.

Always on connection to payment gateways: 

SD-WAN will keep your POS units always connected ensuring that sales are always and immediately possible in store even during time and bandwidth consuming network updates, POS price and information updates and the introduction of new services onto the network.

Use any form of connectivity:

Our solutions are built around available connectivity options and can even deliver business grade network quality using diverse 4G connections, seperated from consumer networks using private APNs – ensuring your store remains connected, without needing dedicated and expensive connections.

Bandwidth hungry CCTV solutions: 

Upload speed can be a problem when deploying multiple HD CCTV cameras per store – not with SD-WAN! Our intelligent solution design ensures that available bandwidth is allocated to the applications that need them, now and in the future. Our solutions scale as your needs do.

SDWAN 1-2-3 RETAIL - from SDWAN Solutions
SDWAN 1-2-3 SERVICE INDUSTRY only from SDWAN SOLUTIONS with complete SD-WAN solutions starting from £99.95 pm

SDWAN 1-2-3 – Starting from £99.95 pm

  • SD-WAN software subscription licencing
  • VENA-i hardware device
  • Dual resilient connectivity and routers
  • Solution design
  • Zero-Touch deployment
  • 24 x 7 support


Retail and Hospitality case studies from our vendor partners

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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