How the construction industry benefits from tailored OMNIA solutions or from any of OMNIA’s add-on product or service modules

  • The construction sector relies on supply chain and IoT-connected devices almost beyond and above other sectors (after retail & hospitality) – both supply chain and IoT are considered weak links in cybersecurity.
  • 93% of IoT devices are unprotected by cybersecurity.
  • 78% leap in supply chain cyber-attacks in 2023
  • Construction faces many remote issues with connectivity not being in place where new building projects are in process – getting on-site secure plug-and-play connectivity is a continual challenge for the sector.
  • UK’s NCSC states that the allocation of government infrastructure projects depends on the robust cybersecurity of construction partners.
  • Construction saw a 40% increase in cyber-attacks in 2023 compared to the previous year.
OMNIA - everything your business needs. The affordable all-encompassing network and security solution, only available from SDWAN Solutions

Fully Managed

Industrial strength

Budget Friendly

OMNIA’s tailored solution revolutionizes the construction industry by providing comprehensive connectivity, security, and safety measures. Through its Atomius SD-WAN technology, OMNIA ensures seamless communication across construction sites, headquarters, and remote locations, facilitating efficient project management and collaboration,  adapting to use less traditional connectivity technologies where no current infrastructure exists. Robust security features, including encryption and access controls, safeguard sensitive project data and infrastructure from cyber threats. 

OMNIA modules integrate with IoT sensors and surveillance systems to monitor equipment, environmental conditions, and personnel movements in real time, enhancing job site safety and minimizing risks of accidents or delays. This proactive approach not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget, empowering construction firms to thrive

 You, your project managers, your onsite team, your IT manager, your shareholders and your customers, your CEO and your CFO will all love OMNIA


A powerful hardware device that delivers SD-WAN, Security & Data Assurance

  • Desktop or 1u Rack mounted appliances in single or High Availability configuration
  • uCPE with segmented VNF to run multiple services i.e. SD-WAN, Security and Layer 4 encryption simultaneously
  • Available for delivery, install, management and support in 190 countries, incl NBD or 4-hour RMA
  • Available in 3 powerful sizes to suit every site type
  • Devices can take 4 – 10 connections including 1GE and 10GE
  • Can act as a Wi-FI Access Point and can include an in-built 24 port switch

Greener solution

Reduces costs


Can run on 12v DC

The construction industry benefits from OMNIA’s Vena and Vecta universal CPE as a single device, that facilitates reliable on-site connectivity, supports real-time project management and collaboration tools, improves efficiency, reduces project timelines and costs and runs on 12v power when electricity supply is not available.


Atomius SDWAN

Resilient, always on networks built on intelligent next-generation foundations

  • Pure-play SD-WAN developed by SDWAN Solutions
  • Number of connections only limited by hardware
  • Packet-based dynamic traffic steering
  • Under 0.3s failover between circuits
  • Maintains voice and video sessions during an outage
  • Capable of using 4G as a main connection
  • Best performing solution using Starlink & 4G simultaneously
  • 1 licence covers 10Mbps – 1Gbps throughput
  • Licences are transferable, even between networks
  • 3 licence tiers – suitable for SME to global enterprise

Cellular connectivity

Satellite connectivity

Voice and data

Traffic priority

In construction, Atomius SD-WAN facilitates real-time collaboration on project sites, supports mobile connectivity as a main connection, works with satellite, and ensures fast access to cloud-based project management tools


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE framework

Full Security Framework provided on the edge, in the Cloud or on Premise

A full security framework provided using only best-of-breed vendors

  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • SWG – Secure Web Gateway
  • Firewall-As-A-Service
  • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Endpoint protection

Cyber threat protection

Secure communication

Money saving

Secure Cloud access

In the construction industry, an OMNIA Integrated SASE solution provides robust security for mobile and on-site networks, essential for project management and data exchange across various locations. It secures access to cloud-based tools and architectural plans, protecting against cyber threats with the only security product with a 100% malware block rate. Secure and seamless collaboration between contractors, architects, and suppliers. All of this ensures project data integrity and facilitates efficient, secure communication channels, crucial for meeting project deadlines and maintaining operational efficiency in the highly mobile and dynamic construction environment.


SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

True Zero Trust Layers 2,3 and 4 encryption protects your data in your network, in the Cloud & in transit

Classify & protect sensitive data across any network with zero impact to performance, scalability or operational visibility.

  • Layers 2,3 and 4 data assurance encryption
  • Operates independently of applications & the underlying network
  • Enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit
  • Protects against double extortion ransomware
  • Protects data North to South (WAN) and East to West (LAN)
  • Your data becomes worthless if compromised

Protects data in transit

Data compliance

Protects reputation

Prevents espionage

OMNIA’s Data Assurance Layer 4 encryption can significantly enhance the security of the construction sector by safeguarding the transmission of sensitive project data, client information, and financial transactions over networks. This ensures that all communications between contractors, suppliers, and clients are secure, protecting against industrial espionage and cyber theft. It supports regulatory compliance related to data protection, builds trust with clients by demonstrating a commitment to data security, and minimizes the risk of financial loss due to data breaches.



Your purpose-built, in-country, secure, intelligent gateway to the connected world

  • Multi-tenant or dedicated Cloud gateway for SD-WAN, local in-country Cloud security, remote access, IoT hub & more
  • Use SDWAN CLOUD to connect to every IaaS and SaaS provider instance – delivering true Multi-Cloud
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally on a consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU
  • Seamlessly connect and secure your IoT devices


Realtime monitoring

Data access anywhere

Data Compliance

In the construction industry, OMNIA’s SDWAN Cloud’s multi-cloud access and in-country cloud gateways facilitate seamless collaboration on projects, enable access to large datasets like blueprints in real-time, and improve supply chain management. This approach ensures that project data and communication are secure, comply with local regulations, and are accessible from any location, improving project efficiency, reducing delays, and enhancing the ability to meet project deadlines and budget requirements.


SDWAN and SASE Solutiosn SDWAN Connect

Resilient connections from anywhere to anywhere on the planet – using all available technologies

  • Fully Managed as part of a solution, or individual circuits – wires only
  • Single point of contact for entire network incl 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active support
  • Short-term contracts available to support our exclusive ReTech guarantee
  • Solutions designed per site to provide maximum technical and commercial benefit
  • Resilient Multi-vendor options so you are never reliant on a single carrier
  • Fully integrated with Edge Connect – end-to-end connectivity to 900 DC locations

Disaster recovery

BIM data access

PM efficiency

Remote locations

SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity provides access to resilient connectivity technologies and providers empowers the construction industry to improve project management, enhance collaboration, optimize supply chain operations, adopt digital technologies, and ensure business continuity, ultimately driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability in construction projects worldwide.

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Efficient Project Management: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity enables real-time collaboration among project teams, architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers, regardless of their location. This facilitates efficient project planning, scheduling, and coordination, improving overall project management and reducing delays.

Remote Site Monitoring: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity allows construction companies to remotely monitor and manage construction sites, equipment, and machinery in real-time. This enhances safety, enables proactive maintenance, and reduces the need for onsite personnel, particularly in remote or hazardous locations.

Supply Chain Optimization: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity supports seamless communication and data exchange with suppliers, distributors, and logistics partners worldwide. This ensures timely delivery of materials and components, minimizes supply chain disruptions, and optimizes inventory management, ultimately reducing project costs and improving efficiency.

Building Information Modelling (BIM): SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity facilitates the adoption of BIM technology for digital design, modelling, and collaboration throughout the construction lifecycle. BIM requires reliable access to large datasets and cloud-based collaboration platforms, which resilient connectivity solutions can provide, enhancing project visualization, coordination, and quality.

Remote Site Access: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity enables remote access to project documents, blueprints, and construction plans, allowing stakeholders to view and update information in real-time from anywhere. This improves decision-making, accelerates approvals, and reduces paperwork, enhancing overall project efficiency and productivity.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity ensures continuity of operations in the event of network outages, cyberattacks, or natural disasters. By leveraging redundant network connections and failover mechanisms, construction companies can minimize downtime, protect critical data, and maintain operational continuity, ensuring projects stay on track even during unforeseen disruptions.


SDWAN and SAE Solutions - OMNIA XDR

A sophisticated cybersecurity solution that delivers round-the-clock monitoring and remediation.

  • Accelerated threat detection and response technology, boosted with AI
  • Integrates data from OMNIA SASE as well as Atomius SD-WAN devices
  • Easily extended to include endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and LAN devices
  • Ensures proactive risk management and mitigation across your entire digital landscape
  • Enhance your cybersecurity defences with predictive intelligence.

Prevent disruption

Threat detection

Safeguard your IP

Strengthen security

OMNIA XDR platform with Atomius SD-WAN integration enables construction companies to strengthen their cybersecurity defences, protect intellectual property, achieve regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, ensure business continuity, and enhance collaboration across project sites, ultimately enabling them to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity: Construction companies handle sensitive project data, including blueprints, financial information, and employee records, making them a target for cyberattacks. By integrating OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN, and extending the XDR to the LAN and endpoints, construction firms can bolster their cybersecurity defences by continuously monitoring network traffic, detecting anomalies, and mitigating potential threats, thus safeguarding critical assets and preventing data breaches.

Protection of Intellectual Property: Construction projects often involve proprietary designs, innovative technologies, and confidential client information. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps construction companies protect their intellectual property by implementing robust data protection measures, such as encryption and access controls, to prevent unauthorized access and theft of sensitive information.

Remote Site Connectivity: Construction projects are often spread across multiple sites, making it challenging to maintain secure and reliable connectivity. With OMNIA XDR built into Atomius SD-WAN, construction firms can ensure seamless connectivity and communication between project sites, headquarters, and remote teams. This enables real-time collaboration, access to centralized resources, and efficient management of project activities, enhancing productivity and project delivery timelines.

Regulatory Compliance: Construction companies must comply with regulatory requirements related to data protection, safety standards, and environmental regulations. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps organizations meet compliance obligations by providing continuous monitoring, logging, and reporting capabilities essential for demonstrating adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Operational Efficiency: By consolidating security and networking functionalities into a single platform, construction firms can streamline their IT infrastructure and operations, reducing complexity and overhead costs. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN enables organizations to optimize network performance, prioritize critical applications, and automate security processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Business Continuity: Construction projects are susceptible to disruptions such as natural disasters, accidents, and supply chain interruptions, which can impact project timelines and budgets. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps construction companies ensure business continuity by detecting and mitigating security threats, minimizing downtime, and maintaining operational resilience even in challenging circumstances.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE REMOTE deviceless SD-WAN client

Deviceless ZTNA keeping your entire remote workforce connected and protected

  • SASE REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s Windows laptop

  • SASE REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (Wi-Fi, 4G, broadband) with sub-second failover

  • Direct internet breakout from SDWAN CLOUD – optimising cloud and SaaS user experience by-passing Data Centres

  • Secure, robust connectivity with no VPN concentrator to manage or purchase

  • End-to-end secure solution protects users, your data and your network when your staff are working outside of the office

  • Traffic logging – full visibility to your users’ access and Internet usage

Remote site access


Cost effective

Zero Trust Access

SASE Remote ZTRA’s deviceless SD-WAN client (true Zero Trust Remote Access ) offers the construction industry secure access to project data, remote site connectivity, regulatory compliance, project management efficiency, cost-effective remote solutions, and disaster recovery resilience, empowering construction companies to enhance collaboration, productivity, and project success in a secure and connected environment.

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Secure Access to Project Data: Construction companies often work on multiple projects simultaneously, requiring remote access to project plans, blueprints, and collaboration tools. SASE Remote ZTRA ensures secure access to project data from any location without relying on traditional VPNs, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. This enhances project collaboration, productivity, and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive construction plans and proprietary information remain protected.

Remote Site Connectivity: Construction sites are often located in remote or temporary locations with limited network infrastructure. SASE Remote ZTRA provides seamless and deviceless connectivity, enabling construction workers, engineers, and project managers to securely access project resources and communication tools from remote job sites, trailers, or temporary offices. This improves communication, decision-making, and coordination, ensuring that construction projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Regulatory Compliance: The construction industry is subject to regulatory requirements related to safety standards, environmental regulations, and data protection laws. SASE Remote ZTRA helps construction companies maintain compliance with regulatory mandates by providing secure remote access to compliance documents, safety protocols, and project data, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, thereby avoiding legal liabilities and penalties.

Project Management Efficiency: Effective project management is crucial for the success of construction projects, requiring real-time access to project schedules, budgets, and resources. SASE Remote ZTRA streamlines project management by enabling remote workers to securely access project management tools, scheduling software, and collaboration platforms from anywhere, facilitating better communication, decision-making, and resource allocation, ultimately improving project efficiency and profitability.

Cost-Effective Remote Solutions: Traditional VPN solutions can be costly to deploy and manage, especially for construction companies with dispersed teams and remote job sites. SASE Remote ZTRA offers a cost-effective remote access solution that eliminates the need for dedicated VPN hardware and simplifies remote access management through a centralized cloud-based platform. This reduces infrastructure costs and administrative overhead, allowing construction companies to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in critical construction activities.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Construction projects are vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural disasters, accidents, or supply chain issues. SASE Remote ZTRA ensures business continuity by providing secure remote access to project data and resources during emergencies or crisis situations, enabling construction teams to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate response efforts effectively, even in challenging or remote environments.



Securely connect your devices to clouds, data centres and offices worldwide, bypassing the Internet

  • Securely connect your IOT devices to your network
  • Connect back to any location bypassing the public Internet
  • Reduce the threat of cyber-attacks on IOT devices
  • Use OMNIA IOT to build a secure payment network for POS units

Enhanced security


Realtime data

Safe working environment

OMNIA IOT brings a wealth of benefits to the construction industry, enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and project management. Through being always connected and delivering real-time monitoring, OMNIA IOT enables construction firms to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and optimize resource utilization. Bypassing the Internet to connect directly to your network ensures the protection of sensitive project data and infrastructure, safeguarding against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Additionally, OMNIA IOT’s connection to IoT sensors and surveillance systems enhances job site safety, mitigating risks of accidents and delays. With OMNIA IOT, construction firms can achieve greater productivity, cost savings, and project success, ultimately transforming the way construction projects are executed and managed.

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  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: OMNIA IOT enables construction firms to streamline operations through secure connectivity and real-time monitoring. By connecting various equipment sensors and machinery directly to the network, OMNIA IOT facilitates efficient communication and data exchange, reducing downtime and optimizing resource allocation. Project managers can access real-time insights into project progress, equipment status, and material availability, enabling proactive decision-making and workflow optimization.


    Improved Collaboration: With OMNIA IOT, collaboration among project stakeholders is enhanced. By providing a centralized platform for data sharing and communication, OMNIA IOT fosters collaboration between on-site and off-site teams, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. Project-related information, such as blueprints, schedules, and progress reports, can be accessed and updated in real time, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed throughout the construction process.

    Rock-solid Security Measures: OMNIA IOT prioritizes the security of construction projects by implementing rock solid security measures. Encryption protocols, access controls, and authentication mechanisms safeguard sensitive project data and infrastructure from cyber threats and unauthorized access. By ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of project information, OMNIA IOT delivers data to your network by bypassing the public Internet which helps mitigate risks associated with data breaches, theft, and sabotage, maintaining the trust and reputation of construction firms.

    Enhanced Job Site Safety: Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and OMNIA IOT plays a crucial role in enhancing job site safety. By integrating with IoT sensors and surveillance systems, OMNIA IOT’s secure connection to your network enables real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, equipment performance, and personnel movements. Alerts and notifications can be triggered in case of safety hazards or emergencies, allowing for immediate intervention and risk mitigation. By promoting a safer work environment, OMNIA IOT helps reduce the incidence of accidents, injuries, and delays, ensuring the well-being of construction workers and the successful completion of projects.

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