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  • 99 million data records breached in July 2022
  • Costs of average breach for construction companies is £4.5million GBP
  • Construction companies in the top 3 of cyber criminals’ targets
  • 73% of construction business being repeatedly attacked
  • 3000% increase in all types of cyberattacks
  • 667% rise in phishing attacks
  • 250% rise in spyware – 1 attack every 11 seconds
  • 300, 000 new malware pieces made daily
  • GCHQ’s NCSC taking hard line on national infrastructure contract allocation
  • Gov dept CPNI and BEIS ‘Construction cyber security a national security risk’
  • August and July 2022 saw GCHQ and the CIOB issue cyber security warning and advice
  • On-site secure connectivity in top 5 of construction trends for 2023
  • Some construction businesses using Airbnb to access networks near sites
  • IoT using unsecure mobile networks one of automations biggest security risks

In the coming weeks we will be inviting construction businesses to meet with us regarding the above facts, but there’s no need to wait – we can help with every last one of these issues right now. We can also help you meet the new guidelines from government agencies, which will soon filter through to every large customer that construction businesses have.

We are the only technology company in the world with 2 MEF (double) accredited Subject Matter experts, are truly global leaders in SD-WAN and SASE and our unique product and service range is designed to keep you connected and protected, now and in the future.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options, evaluate your risks, suggest ideas, talk about how the UK ISDN switch off will hugely increase web traffic and affect your network and answer any questions you may have.

This is not Drill – the time for action is now. Talk to us, specialist SD-WAN and SASE security providers and system integrators.


  • You can have a quick chat to ask some questions,
  • challenge our tech team and CTO on how they would solve a problem your business faces right now,
  • come to our metaverse office to start a full design consultation or
  • talk through which of our professional services you might require now and later.


Problem 1: Lack of technology expertise.

Solved – Consultation with Trusted Tech & Network Partners: trusted partnerships need to be forged with suppliers and providers whose expertise can be amalgamated into build projects, particularly those that will support not only the construction company’s operational needs, but provide the foundation for the rapid digital transformation which will maintain their competitive edge.

Problem 2: No IT staff onsite

Solved – Zero touch deployment and centralised management. A configured device is sent directly to a site and a non-IT skilled person is able to unbox, plug in connectivity and power up. That’s all that needs to be done. No IT staff are required. Your IT team can also monitor the entire network and make changes remotely from a central location.

Problem 3: Congested 4G networks 

Solved – Private APN and alternate Cell Towers use: Using SD-WAN with dual 4G connected to private APNs separates your traffic from consumer traffic and ensures available bandwidth even in the most congested areas, PLUS the ability to auto connect to less congested mobile masts up to 50km away

Problem 4: Tight project budgets

Solved – SDWAN 1-2-3  Complete fully portable SD-WAN solution including dual 4G for remote or temporary sites, on a subscription based payment model for less than the cost of 250 bricks per site.


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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