“The construction sector is amalgamating myriad new technologies into their business and also into their builds and refurbishments as smart buildings increasingly become the norm.”

Here we explain how SD-WAN will help construction companies adopt and underpin these new technologies.

IoT, BIM, Digital Twin & drone tech, Ar, Vr, wearables and sensors, robotics, 3D planning and remote connections with everyone from architects to supply chain, site management to offsite prefabrication manufacturing plants are being incorporated, at speed, into the construction sector – fast, secure and unbreakable networks are required which can keep pace not just with the innovation and additions of new technologies, but the bandwidth and security demands these technologies rely on.

With the UK government citing government funded construction programmes as forming a large part of UK PLC’s route to recovery, smart buildings need to be state of the art and future and crisis-proofed for tenants – at the heart of any and all smart building are fast, secure and robust networks. In constructing such next-generation buildings with best of breed, cutting edge technologies already installed, it will be those who can successfully identify and deploy these technologies into their construction processes and businesses to best effect that will become a deciding factor in which construction companies win these lucrative contracts.

IoT, BIM, drone tech, Ar, Vr, wearables and sensors


Our Construction industry research shows:

  • As much as 78% of medium-sized construction businesses use consumer (even PAYG) sim cards for on-site connectivity
  • 88% have suffered long-term outages on mobile networks due to 5G installations taking networks down
  • 97% of those relying on 4G connections have suffered outages or delays due to networks being busy or slowed by consumer internet traffic
  • 92% are aware that using such networks in built-up areas means they are fighting for bandwidth with every other person in the area
  • 86% agreed with the statement “slow internet means slow business”
  • 93% of IT directors in the construction sector are looking into SD-WAN and know that it will solve all of the above issues and more and not just on-site, but in their offices too, while 81% of CFO’s are seeking cost cuts

” If I had tried to do this with a traditional WAN architecture, I’d have had to hire two or three more people. Once the SD-WAN is up and running it essentially manages itself “

How we solve common problems facing the construction industry:


Problem 1: Lack of technology expertise.

Solved – Consultation with Trusted Tech & Network Partners: trusted partnerships need to be forged with suppliers and providers whose expertise can be amalgamated into build projects, particularly those that will support not only the construction company’s operational needs, but provide the foundation for the rapid digital transformation which will maintain their competitive edge.

Problem 2: No IT staff onsite

Solved – Zero touch deployment and centralised management. A configured device is sent directly to a site and a non-IT skilled person is able to unbox, plug in connectivity and power up. That’s all that needs to be done. No IT staff are required. Your IT team can also monitor the entire network and make changes remotely from a central location.

Problem 3: Congested 4G networks 

Solved – Private APN and alternate Cell Towers use: Using SD-WAN with dual 4G connected to private APNs separates your traffic from consumer traffic and ensures available bandwidth even in the most congested areas, PLUS the ability to auto connect to less congested mobile masts up to 50km away

Problem 4: Tight project budgets

Solved – SDWAN 1-2-3  Complete fully portable SD-WAN solution including dual 4G for remote or temporary sites, on a subscription based payment model for less than the cost of 250 bricks per site.

Industry Insights: Technology in Construction

Companies such as KPMG, Deloitte and McKinsey (to name a few) all cite digitisation and smart building capabilities as the future of the entire construction industry. Pre-pandemic much technology within a building was seen as the tenants’ objective, now it is seen as a requisite of construction companies constructing or refurbishing buildings.

Smart buildings are driving the construction sector more and more down a technological path. As network technology providers who regularly have to grasp at speed all the technology our clients use to create a wholly tailored network, we further understand that this expectation of construction companies is somewhat challenging, to say the least!

The very nature of construction projects often means that network infrastructures are not in place on-site, making the productive utilisation of technologies problematic, even simple communications can be slowed or halted entirely if local overcrowded networks are being used.

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