How schools, educational and training facilities, and their students, benefit from tailored OMNIA solutions or from any of OMNIA’s add-on product or service modules

  • Online education in schools, higher education and workplace training grows YOY
  • The size of the global online learning market reached USD 316 billion in 2023.
  • North America claims 41% of the online learning market, with Europe a close second
  • 30% of EU internet users aged 16 to 74 reported taking part in an online course or using online learning material in 2023.
  • 40% of Fortune 500 companies regularly use online learning.
  • 6.7 million personal records were breached via ransomware between 2018 – 2023.
  • Only 33% of education sector staff feel they have sufficient cybersecurity measures in place.
  • Global ransomware attacks doubled compared to 2021, with educational institutions being prime targets, experiencing the highest number of cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2023.
OMNIA - everything your business needs. The affordable all-encompassing network and security solution, only available from SDWAN Solutions

Fully Managed


Budget Friendly

OMNIA, a holistic solution, provides schools and educational facilities with unparalleled benefits, especially in data assurance and remote learning. By integrating technologies like SD-WAN, CASB, and ZTNA principles, OMNIA ensures robust network security and granular control over traffic. Layer 4 encryption safeguards data integrity, while optimized network performance facilitates seamless remote learning experiences. Enhanced visibility over cloud applications ensures compliance with privacy regulations, while OMNIA XDR constantly monitors network and security logs fostering a secure digital environment for students and staff.

 You, your students, your faculties, your trusts, your teachers and lecturers, your internal users, your IT and support department, your CISO and your CFO will all love OMNIA


A powerful hardware device that delivers SD-WAN, Security & Data Assurance

  • Desktop or 1u Rack mounted appliances in single or High Availability configuration
  • uCPE with segmented VNF to run multiple services i.e. SD-WAN, Security and Layer 4 encryption simultaneously
  • Available for delivery, install, management and support in 190 countries, incl NBD or 4-hour RMA
  • Available in 3 powerful sizes to suit every site type
  • Devices can take 4 – 10 connections including 1GE and 10GE

Wi-Fi AP

Reduces costs

Can run on DC

Reduces IT management

OMNIA’s Vena and Vecta universal CPE Edge supports a secure, scalable network infrastructure, crucial for digital learning platforms and online resources, enhancing learning experiences and administrative operations. Can run on DC power for remotely situated classrooms and can function as a Wi-Fi access point.


Atomius SDWAN

Resilient, always on networks built on intelligent next-generation foundations

  • Pure-play SD-WAN developed by SDWAN Solutions
  • Number of connections only limited by hardware
  • Packet-based dynamic traffic steering
  • Under 0.3s failover between circuits
  • Maintains voice and video sessions during an outage
  • Capable of using 4G as a main connection
  • Best performing solution using Starlink & 4G simultaneously
  • 1 licence covers 10Mbps – 1Gbps throughput
  • Licences are transferable, even between networks
  • 3 licence tiers – suitable for SME to global enterprise

Resilient connections

Money saving

High Speed

Always on

Atomius SD-WAN enhances digital learning through reliable, secure access to educational resources and supports the growing demand for online education platforms. With a single licence up to 1Gbps, there are no restrictions on learning!


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE framework

Full Security Framework provided on the edge, in the Cloud or on Premise

A full security framework provided using only best-of-breed vendors

  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • SWG – Secure Web Gateway
  • Firewall-As-A-Service
  • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Endpoint protection

Cyber threat protection

Security framework

Money saving

Child protection

An OMNIA integrated SASE solution for education facilities secures online learning environments and protects against cyber threats targeting both students and faculty. By integrating comprehensive security services directly into the network architecture, OMNIA’s SASE integration ensures secure access to educational resources, facilitates safe communication across digital platforms, and complies with data protection regulations. This approach enables institutions to offer a secure, uninterrupted educational experience, safeguarding the digital journey of learners and educators alike in an increasingly connected world.


SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

True Zero Trust Layers 2,3 and 4 encryption protects your data in your network, in the Cloud & in transit

Classify & protect sensitive data across any network with zero impact to performance, scalability or operational visibility.

  • Layers 2,3 and 4 data assurance encryption
  • Operates independently of applications & the underlying network
  • Enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit
  • Protects against double extortion ransomware
  • Protects data North to South (WAN) and East to West (LAN)
  • Your data becomes worthless if compromised

Protects data in transit

Data compliance

Protects integrity

Parental trust

In the education sector, OMNIA’s Data Assurance Layer 4 encryption can safeguard the digital transmission of sensitive information, such as student records, research data, and administrative communications. This protection is crucial for complying with privacy regulations and ensuring the confidentiality of academic materials. It also secures online learning environments, fostering a safe digital space for educators and students alike. Layer 4 encryption thereby supports the integrity and trustworthiness of educational institutions in handling data securely.




Your purpose-built, in-country, secure, intelligent gateway to the connected world

  • Multi-tenant or dedicated Cloud gateway for SD-WAN, local in-country Cloud security, remote access, IoT hub & more
  • Use SDWAN CLOUD to connect to every IaaS and SaaS provider instance – delivering true Multi-Cloud
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally on a consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU
  • Seamlessly connect and secure your IoT devices

Data sovereignty

Online learning

Faster access

Data Compliance

For educational facilities, schools, and universities, OMNIA and SDWAN Cloud’s multi-cloud access and in-country cloud gateways enable a flexible, scalable digital learning environment. They facilitate secure access to educational resources and applications from anywhere, ensuring compliance with local data protection laws. This technology supports the delivery of online courses, enhances research capabilities through high-speed access to global databases, and ensures that educational institutions can quickly adapt to changing teaching and learning needs while maintaining data security and privacy.


SDWAN and SASE Solutiosn SDWAN Connect

Resilient connections from anywhere to anywhere on the planet – using all available technologies

  • Fully Managed as part of a solution, or individual circuits – wires only
  • Single point of contact for entire network incl 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active support
  • Short-term contracts available to support our exclusive ReTech guarantee
  • Solutions designed per site to provide maximum technical and commercial benefit
  • Resilient Multi-vendor options so you are never reliant on a single carrier
  • Fully integrated with Edge Connect – end-to-end connectivity to 900 DC locations

Student experience

Flexible learning


Inclusive learning

SDWAN and SASE Connect reinvents remote learning by providing resilient connectivity, enabling students and educators to seamlessly access online platforms and resources from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted learning during disruptions. This robust connectivity also fosters global collaboration, facilitating virtual classrooms and cross-cultural exchange among students, educators, and researchers worldwide. SDWAN and SASE Connect ensures equitable access to diverse educational resources, supporting flexible learning models like blended learning and flipped classrooms. Additionally, educators benefit from professional development opportunities and stay updated on educational trends, while SDWAN and SASE Connect promote inclusive education by bridging gaps and providing equal access to learning for all students, regardless of location or background.


SDWAN and SAE Solutions - OMNIA XDR

A sophisticated cybersecurity solution that delivers round-the-clock monitoring and remediation.

  • Accelerated threat detection and response technology, boosted with AI
  • Integrates data from OMNIA SASE as well as Atomius SD-WAN devices
  • Easily extended to include endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and LAN devices
  • Ensures proactive risk management and mitigation across your entire digital landscape
  • Enhance your cybersecurity defences with predictive intelligence.

Protect data

Threat detection

Around the clock

Strengthen security

Educational institutions handle vast amounts of sensitive data, including student records and research findings. Integrating OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN provides comprehensive cybersecurity defences, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches. By continuously monitoring network traffic and detecting potential threats, this integration ensures the protection of student and staff data. Additionally, it promotes online safety by filtering content, blocking malicious websites, and defending against cyber threats like malware and phishing attacks. 

Facilitating remote learning, OMNIA XDR and Atomius SD-WAN offer secure connectivity for remote students and educators, enabling seamless access to virtual classrooms and online resources while adhering to regulatory standards like FERPA and GDPR. This integration supports research endeavours by implementing advanced security measures to protect intellectual property and confidential data. The integration optimizes network performance, enhances operational efficiency, and fosters a safer and more secure learning environment.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE REMOTE deviceless SD-WAN client

Deviceless ZTNA keeping your entire remote workforce connected and protected

  • SASE REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s Windows laptop

  • SASE REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (Wi-Fi, 4G, broadband) with sub-second failover

  • Direct internet breakout from SDWAN CLOUD – optimising cloud and SaaS user experience by-passing Data Centres

  • Secure, robust connectivity with no VPN concentrator to manage or purchase

  • End-to-end secure solution protects users, your data and your network when your staff are working outside of the office

  • Traffic logging – full visibility to your users’ access and Internet usage

Remote location


Cost effective

Zero Trust Access

In the education sector, safeguarding sensitive student data, academic records, and research findings is top priority. SASE Remote’s Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) architecture ensures secure access to educational resources for remote users without traditional VPN vulnerabilities. This advanced security approach helps prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber threats, thereby preserving the integrity of educational assets and fostering trust among students, parents, and faculty members. SASE Remote ZTRA aids educational institutions in meeting compliance requirements such as FERPA and GDPR, mitigating the risk of penalties and legal repercussions. 

It also supports seamless remote learning experiences, allowing students and educators to securely access virtual classrooms, online resources, and collaboration tools from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted learning continuity. Additionally, its flexibility and scalability accommodate varying academic demands without additional infrastructure investments, promoting operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By optimizing performance and prioritizing critical applications, SASE Remote ZTRA enhances the overall user experience, facilitating increased productivity and engagement in remote learning environments while reducing administrative burdens and IT complexities for educational institutions.

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