Education presents a unique set of requirements – we understand that continuing to educate the future generation, whilst robustly protecting your data and your students, is of paramount importance.


Educational institutions are facing the unprecedented challenge of a rapid and radical shift in education delivery and mediums. Getting this change right will not only impact on individual futures but on organisations’ reputations and long-held respect. Get it right and you have the potential for global reach.

Typical  Problems:

Schools, universities and colleges suddenly need highly reliable and secure networks to provide their classes and lectures remotely, without interruptions, delays, buffering or outages. State of the art provision will increasingly become a deciding factor for students.

Teachers are remotely teaching from on-site classrooms or accessing data and files from home – they need an unbreakable internet with world leading security built in that will secure your organisations data and your students futures and privacy.

Buffering caused by latency issues and dropped connections are the current frustrating norm for teachers and students alike along with the inability to access critical applications and content portals. Poor levels of customer service and legacy network issues have caused many hours of lost class time.

Watch our 2 minute video that summarises a recent Europe-wide study entitled ‘Online Learning and Emergency Remote Teaching: Opportunities and Challenges in Emergency Situations’ [by the Swiss-based MDPI]

Don’t let your ICT challenge your teaching staff or students – talk to us and we’ll tailor-make you a solution that will ensure your future and those of your students.

How our SD-WAN solutions solve these problems.

  • Lack of IT Teams – Schools are not run as corporates and don’t have vast IT departments – teachers are there to teach so they need a self-managing, secure, reliable network, or one that can be managed from one central point by just one person – that is precisely what SD-WAN will deliver. 

  • No geographical limitations – SD-WAN provides reliable, faster, secure connectivity for remote students, teaching and operational staff teams – including international students – where VPN’s can be considerably accelerated. 
  • Simple deployment – A configured device is sent directly to the establishment or home where non-IT skilled personnel can simply unbox, plug in and power up connectivity. Your IT team can then monitor the service and make changes remotely from a central location, or we can be relied upon via our fully managed service option. 

  • No lost learning time  with SD-WAN downtime is virtually non-existent, ensuring students are not struggling through lessons that are buffering or dropping out altogether. 

  • Learning from home or on the move: SDWAN Solutions has a cost-effective solution to compensate for poor internet connectivity using a small device that accesses the internet using 2 connections (i.e. home broadband and a 4G connection) to ensure reliable connectivity to the internet and thus to lessons. 

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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