How the energy and extraction industries benefit from tailored OMNIA solutions or from any of OMNIA’s add-on product or service modules

  • As essential critical infrastructure cyber-criminals know that if they can ‘take out’ energy supply an entire nation is compromised. Bad Actors from rogue nations see energy as a key target.
  • 90% of the world’s largest energy companies suffered data breaches in 2023, and co-ordinated cyber-attacks.
  • Most energy businesses and extraction operations include remotely located devices, such as wind turbines, wind farms, drilling machinery and truck fleets – they rely on continual connectivity to access telematic data to assess the health and functionality of these devices.
  • 60% of energy businesses are increasing cyber security budgets in 2024.
  • 35% of malware attacks targeted the energy sector in 2023, costing an average of $4.45 million USD per incident.
OMNIA - everything your business needs. The affordable all-encompassing network and security solution, only available from SDWAN Solutions




In the energy and extraction industries, where security, connectivity, and data protection are paramount, OMNIA stands out as a multifaceted solution designed to meet the sector’s unique needs. Atomius SD-WAN ensures seamless and reliable connectivity across dispersed locations, enabling efficient operations and real-time data exchange. OMNIA’s integrated SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) security framework offers comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats, safeguarding critical infrastructure and sensitive information. 

With Layer 4 data assurance capabilities, OMNIA ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data transmissions, crucial for compliance and risk management. Additionally, SASE REMOTE zero trust remote access provides secure and authenticated access to resources from anywhere, enhancing workforce flexibility without compromising security. OMNIA’s holistic approach, combined with its XDR (Extended Detection and Response) capabilities, delivers unparalleled visibility and threat detection, protecting energy and extraction organizations against cyber attacks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

 You, your shareholders, your supply chain, your engineers, your on-the-ground crew, your IT and support department, your compliance officers, your CISO and your CFO will all love OMNIA


A powerful hardware device that delivers SD-WAN, Security & Data Assurance

  • Desktop or 1u Rack mounted appliances in single or High Availability configuration
  • uCPE with segmented VNF to run multiple services i.e. SD-WAN, Security and Layer 4 encryption simultaneously
  • Available for delivery, install, management and support in 190 countries, incl NBD or 4-hour RMA
  • Available in 3 powerful sizes to suit every site type
  • Devices can take 4 – 10 connections including 1GE and 10GE
  • Can act as a Wi-FI Access Point and can include an in-built 24 port switch

Greener solution

Reduces costs

Multiple connections

Remote management

In the energy sector, OMNIA’s Vena and Vecta universal CPE Edge ensures secure, reliable communication between field operations and control centres, critical for monitoring and managing energy distribution and infrastructure.


Atomius SDWAN

Resilient, always on networks built on intelligent next-generation foundations

  • Pure-play SD-WAN developed by SDWAN Solutions
  • Number of connections only limited by hardware
  • Packet-based dynamic traffic steering
  • Under 0.3s failover between circuits
  • Maintains voice and video sessions during an outage
  • Capable of using 4G as a main connection
  • Best performing solution using Starlink & 4G simultaneously
  • 1 licence covers 10Mbps – 1Gbps throughput
  • Licences are transferable, even between networks
  • 3 licence tiers – suitable for SME to global enterprise

All technologies

Sub-second failover

Around the clock

LTE as main connections

For energy providers, Atomius SD-WAN supports critical infrastructure communications, enables remote monitoring, and ensures uninterrupted data flow across distributed sites. Successfully uses latency-diverse connectivity technologies like satellite and LTE simultaneously where there is a lack of fixed infrastructure options in remote regions.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE framework

Full Security Framework provided on the edge, in the Cloud or on Premise

A full security framework provided using only best-of-breed vendors

  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • SWG – Secure Web Gateway
  • Firewall-As-A-Service
  • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Endpoint protection

Cyber threat protection

Operational continuity

Regulatory compliance

Secure Cloud access

In the energy sector, OMNIA’s integrated SASE secures critical infrastructure communications and data exchange from cyber threats, ensuring operational continuity and safety. It protects sensitive data across distributed networks, from power plants to remote facilities, enabling secure access to cloud applications and real-time monitoring systems. This approach enhances regulatory compliance, safeguards against disruptions, and supports the secure integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, reinforcing the sector’s resilience against evolving cyber risks.


SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

True Zero Trust Layers 2,3 and 4 encryption protects your data in your network, in the Cloud & in transit

Classify & protect sensitive data across any network with zero impact to performance, scalability or operational visibility.

  • Layers 2,3 and 4 data assurance encryption
  • Operates independently of applications & the underlying network
  • Enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit
  • Protects against double extortion ransomware
  • Protects data North to South (WAN) and East to West (LAN)
  • Your data becomes worthless if compromised

Protects data in transit

Data compliance

Protects critical infrastructure

Customer trust

For energy providers OMNIA’s Data Assurance Layer 4 encryption secures the transmission of critical infrastructure data and customer information across networks. This is vital for protecting against cyberattacks on energy grids and ensuring the confidentiality of customer billing and usage data. By maintaining secure and reliable communications, energy providers can safeguard their operations and customer trust, while also meeting regulatory requirements for data protection and cybersecurity in the energy sector.



Your purpose-built, in-country, secure, intelligent gateway to the connected world

  • Multi-tenant or dedicated Cloud gateway for SD-WAN, local in-country Cloud security, remote access, IoT hub & more
  • Use SDWAN CLOUD to connect to every IaaS and SaaS provider instance – delivering true Multi-Cloud
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally on a consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU
  • Seamlessly connect and secure your IoT devices

Real-time analysis

Realtime monitoring

Data compliance

Improved resilience

For the energy sector, SDWAN Cloud’s multi-cloud access and in-country cloud gateways enhance the management of distributed energy resources and grid operations. They support secure, real-time data analysis for optimizing energy production, distribution, and consumption. This technology ensures compliance with regional data regulations, improves resilience against cyber threats, and facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources, helping to modernize energy infrastructures while maintaining high security and operational efficiency.


SDWAN and SASE Solutiosn SDWAN Connect

Resilient connections from anywhere to anywhere on the planet – using all available technologies

  • Fully Managed as part of a solution, or individual circuits – wires only
  • Single point of contact for entire network incl 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active support
  • Short-term contracts available to support our exclusive ReTech guarantee
  • Solutions designed per site to provide maximum technical and commercial benefit
  • Resilient Multi-vendor options so you are never reliant on a single carrier
  • Fully integrated with Edge Connect – end-to-end connectivity to 900 DC locations


Always connected

Improve efficiency


SDWAN and SASE Connect provides resilient connectivity solutions crucial for the energy sector’s efficiency and reliability. Through real-time monitoring and control, energy companies can optimize operations across power plants, substations, and renewable energy facilities, ensuring seamless energy generation and distribution. Additionally, the integration of smart grid technologies is facilitated, allowing for improved load balancing and enhanced grid resilience against fluctuations and disruptions. SDWAN and SASE Connect also supports the seamless integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, into the energy grid, promoting sustainability and resilience. SDWAN and SASE Connect’s disaster recovery capabilities ensure operational continuity during site outages or emergencies while enabling remote work and collaboration among energy sector stakeholders, fostering productivity and adaptability.


SDWAN and SAE Solutions - OMNIA XDR

A sophisticated cybersecurity solution that delivers round-the-clock monitoring and remediation.

  • Accelerated threat detection and response technology, boosted with AI
  • Integrates data from OMNIA SASE as well as Atomius SD-WAN devices
  • Easily extended to include endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and LAN devices
  • Ensures proactive risk management and mitigation across your entire digital landscape
  • Enhance your cybersecurity defences with predictive intelligence.

Prevent disruption

Threat detection

Mitigate risk

Strengthen security

 Integrating OMNIA XDR into Atomius SD-WAN empowers energy companies to strengthen their cybersecurity defences, protect critical infrastructure, ensure regulatory compliance, maintain operational resilience, optimize network performance, and defend against advanced cyber threats, ultimately safeguarding the reliability and security of the energy supply chain.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity: The energy sector faces a wide range of cyber threats, including ransomware, phishing attacks, and industrial espionage. By integrating OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN, energy companies can strengthen their cybersecurity defences by continuously monitoring network traffic, detecting anomalies, and mitigating potential threats, thus safeguarding critical infrastructure and data against cyberattacks.

Protection of Operational Technology (OT): Energy companies rely on operational technology (OT) systems to manage power generation, distribution, and control processes. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps protect OT environments by implementing advanced security measures, such as network segmentation, access controls, and anomaly detection, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the integrity and availability of OT systems.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: The energy sector is subject to stringent regulatory requirements related to data protection, grid reliability, and environmental regulations. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps energy companies meet compliance obligations by providing continuous monitoring, logging, and reporting capabilities essential for demonstrating adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Preventing Disruption to Energy Supply: Any disruption to energy supply can have significant economic and social impacts. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN helps energy companies ensure operational resilience by detecting and mitigating security threats, minimizing downtime, and maintaining continuous availability of critical infrastructure and services, even in the face of cyberattacks or natural disasters.

Optimizing Network Performance: By consolidating security and networking functionalities into a single platform, energy companies can optimize their IT infrastructure and improve network performance. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN enables organizations to prioritize critical applications, manage bandwidth effectively, and automate security processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Protecting Against Advanced Threats: Energy companies are increasingly targeted by sophisticated cyber threats, including nation-state actors and cybercriminal groups. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN leverages advanced threat intelligence and analytics to detect and respond to emerging threats in real-time, enabling proactive defence and minimizing the risk of data breaches or operational disruptions.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE REMOTE deviceless SD-WAN client

Deviceless ZTNA keeping your entire remote workforce connected and protected

  • SASE REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s Windows laptop

  • SASE REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (Wi-Fi, 4G, broadband) with sub-second failover

  • Direct internet breakout from SDWAN CLOUD – optimising cloud and SaaS user experience by-passing Data Centres

  • Secure, robust connectivity with no VPN concentrator to manage or purchase

  • End-to-end secure solution protects users, your data and your network when your staff are working outside of the office

  • Traffic logging – full visibility to your users’ access and Internet usage

Disaster Recovery


Cost effective

Zero Trust Access

SASE Remote ZTRA (zero trust remote access) deviceless SD-WAN client integrated with SASE Cloud security offers energy suppliers critical infrastructure protection, remote operations support, compliance with regulatory standards, support for remote field workers, cost-effective remote solutions, and disaster recovery resilience, empowering them to maintain grid reliability, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver reliable energy supply in a secure and connected environment.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection: Energy suppliers manage critical infrastructure, including power generation plants, transmission systems, and distribution networks, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. SASE Remote ZTRA (Zero Trust Remote Access) ensures secure remote access to operational systems and control networks without relying on traditional VPNs, reducing the risk of cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access, thus safeguarding the integrity and reliability of energy supply.

Remote Operations Support: Energy suppliers often operate and monitor remote facilities, substations, and renewable energy installations located in remote or inaccessible areas. SASE Remote ZTRA enables remote operators, engineers, and technicians to securely access operational systems, monitoring tools, and control interfaces from any location, ensuring continuity of operations, proactive maintenance, and timely response to equipment failures or operational issues, even in remote or hazardous environments.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: The energy sector is subject to regulatory requirements related to cybersecurity, data protection, and grid reliability, such as NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). SASE Remote ZTRA helps energy suppliers maintain compliance with regulatory mandates by providing secure remote access to operational systems, monitoring data, and compliance documentation, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, thereby avoiding legal liabilities and penalties.

Support for Remote Field Workers: Energy suppliers employ field workers, maintenance crews, and service technicians who require remote access to work order systems, asset management tools, and diagnostic equipment to perform their duties effectively. SASE Remote ZTRA facilitates secure remote access for field workers, enabling them to securely access work-related resources from any location, improving communication, collaboration, and productivity, even when working in remote or hazardous environments.

Cost-Effective Remote Solutions: Traditional VPN solutions can be costly to deploy and manage, especially for energy suppliers with dispersed teams and remote facilities. SASE Remote ZTRA offers a cost-effective remote access solution that eliminates the need for dedicated VPN hardware and simplifies remote access management through a centralized cloud-based platform. This reduces infrastructure costs and administrative overhead, allowing energy suppliers to allocate resources more efficiently towards grid modernization, renewable energy initiatives, and infrastructure upgrades.

Disaster Recovery and Resilience: Energy suppliers are vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural disasters, severe weather events, or cyber incidents, which can impact the reliability and availability of energy supply. SASE Remote ZTRA ensures business continuity by providing secure remote access to operational systems and control networks during emergencies or crisis situations, enabling energy suppliers to remotely monitor and manage critical infrastructure, coordinate response efforts, and restore services efficiently, even in challenging or remote environments.



Securely connect your devices to clouds, data centres and offices worldwide, bypassing the Internet

  • Securely connect your IOT devices to your network
  • Connect back to any location bypassing the public Internet
  • Reduce the threat of cyber-attacks on IOT devices
  • Use OMNIA IOT to build a secure payment network for POS units

Enhanced security


Realtime data

Safe working environment

OMNIA IOT is uniquely positioned to address the specialized needs of the energy sector, particularly in safeguarding against potential threats like attacks on IoT devices to gain access to critical infrastructure. By leveraging real-time data insights from IoT sensors, OMNIA IOT optimizes operational efficiency in energy infrastructure by enabling proactive maintenance, reducing downtime, and enhancing asset utilization.

OMNIA IoT ensures the integrity and security of critical systems by bypassing the internet and connecting directly back into the customer’s network, mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. Safety and compliance remain paramount as OMNIA IOT integrates seamlessly with safety systems, creating a secure work environment and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

OMNIA IOT enhances supply chain management by providing real-time insights into inventory and logistics, minimizing disruptions and improving overall resilience. Its secure, scalable, and flexible deployment options make OMNIA IOT an indispensable tool for the energy sector, offering tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risks effectively.

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