“Our Private APN, 4G and cellular solutions can connect your remote sites , even those up to 50km offshore – and deliver intelligent business grade communication where you need it most!”


The energy sector increasingly relies on the internet for remote monitoring, supply, IoT applications and customer smart metres, to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted energy supply – if your connectivity goes down so will your remote capabilities, as well as your call centres. Factor in the ever-increasing risk of malicious hacking and an unbreakable, unbreachable network becomes an absolute necessity.

Typical  Problems:

We understand the entire population relies on your business and expects non-stop power – your infrastructure must be infallible, therefore, you need your internet and network infrastructure to be equally as infallible, whether it is a wind turbine in the North Sea or a solar farm in Cornwall.

With some energy call centres reporting up to 21-minute wait-times pre-Covid, wait times have now reached a record high in some areas. Your call centres must be reachable, but with furloughed staff working oftentimes from home on commercial and shared connectivity networks, you are risking your reputation for customer service, as well as the protection of sensitive data – one data breach and reputations will suffer.

Hacking is a major worry for energy suppliers – your business and staff teams have payment data and high value customer information that they need to access continually and possibly remotely – your network must enable that access whilst simultaneously guarding it and your supply infrastructure from high-level, malicious hacking attacks.

Year on year, IoT is being increasingly relied upon to gather real-time data on consumers’ energy use via smart meters, remotely monitor energy generation, transmission & distribution and reporting on maintenance issues. Factor in the combustibility or risk to human health and the environment that some energy generation poses, and remote monitoring becomes a life and death issue.

“Energy companies quite literally power nations – the businesses, homes, lives and lifestyles that are essential to that nation. Your service must operate 24/7 365 without fail, therefore so must your network connectivity.”

How our SD-WAN solutions solve these problems.

  • Reduces costs: using cost effective connectivity to supply remote locations saves downtime, manpower and even risk where some or many of your supply infrastructure are not easily accessible and/or during extreme weather conditions.
  • Remote access: as the need to continually monitor remote devices in your supply chain, but also your customers’ smart metres increases, so does your businesses reliance on your network.
  • Private APN 4G – separates your traffic from consumer networks and allows connection to different cell towers – This makes SD-WAN with dual 4G a highly desirable means of connecting geographically remote sites and wind turbines – any site within 50km of a tower, even those at sea!
  • No rip and replace – The SD-WAN service can simply be deployed over the top of your existing legacy network via an instantaneous failover with zero downtime or impact on day-to-day operations, making the process entirely transparent to both customers and staff.
  • Unbreakable Internet in call centres – SD-WAN ensures that even your remote workers continue to work dealing with customer calls and sales.


  • Security & Hacking – SD-WAN uses encryption and SaSe security technology ensuring traffic sent over a public internet connection is entirely safe. SaSe security utilises sandboxing threat detection that not only detects, but prevents, the attack by quarantining malicious content before it can cause damage and spread.
  • Visibility – Energy companies can have constant visibility of their entire network and IoT devices from one central location meaning that not only are all staff connected reliably and able to access everything they need, but also the IoT devices that are visible, enabling IT to ensure they are working to perform their important job of supplying the data needed to keep services running.

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