All you need is an Internet browser – Come and visit SDWAN and SASE Solutions in our online, interactive SPOT space – collaboration that’s out of this world. PLUS – now you can get your own SPOT VIRTUAL space and help eliminate hunger via the SDWAN and SASE Solutions CSR programme 

What our virtual environment means to our customers and partners

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse

We become an extension of your IT team – Customers can enter our online Metaverse office at any time, walk up to a team member and start a conversation – Just like a real office

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse

We can meet and collaborate in real-time, regardless of where you are geographically located – and colleagues to drop in at any time

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse

Meetings are more interactive with handshakes, realtime screen sharing, celebrations and differences are settled by a game of Rock, Paper Scissors. You project your company’s and your own personality into meetings

SDWAN and SASE solutions metaverse

We are able to hold customer and partner training events and expos for clients to meet our vendors and meet our team. Customers are able to walk around and view different technologies or solution videos at their own pace and talk to people they meet on the way

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse

Presentations are much more interactive with different views, screen and content sharing, including music sharing. HD voice quality, the ability to share several screens at once and everyone can use the interactive whiteboard facility – makes for true realtime collaboration

SDWAN metaverse

Meetings can be more relaxed, less stuffy and more productive while sharing a virtual muffin and a hot chocolate, or celebrating with a glass of champagne

What our virtual environment means to our team

SDWAN and SASE Solutions metaverse

We socialise as a team, regardless of where we are based, and we can be who we want to be. No-one ever feels alone or isolated

SDWAN Metaverse, SASE Metaverse

Team meetings and team training sessions are a lot of fun and highly interactive. We can all talk to each other any time.

SDWAN and SASE Solutions metwverse

If we want to chat with a colleague, we zoom out, see where they are and then walk over and join their conversation. no more messaging first to see if they are free.

 We asked our CEO how having our own “metaverse” environment has changed how we work?

“We have teams in the UK, Belgium, Spain, South Africa and Singapore and in the past it was very difficult to get together, collaborate, or even ask a simple question. With our SPOT metaverse environment, all those issues went away. We can now simply “walk” up to a colleague and have a chat, join conversations as you walk by, and pop your head into an office and say hello. Our customers can drop in and interact with any team member at any time. Productivity is through the roof and the level of office banter matches that of a physical office – no-one feels alone .Anthony Senter, CEO, SDWAN and SASE Solutions

Visit us in our SDWAN and SASE Metaverse Visitor Centre

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse Visitor centre

Complete the form further down on this page to immediately get your access details and drop into the SDWAN and SASE Solutions Visitor centre in our Metaverse location – We are there to help you 9am – 5pm GMT Mon-Fri only

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse Visitor centre

Choose to read or download product and solution information from the big screens – and then talk to us in the metaverse office, in real time

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Metaverse Visitor centre

Watch the video content you want to watch while enjoying a virtual coffee or muffin – and then come into the main office and we will get the right people to chat to you – in real time

You can have this too – and help those in need!

Nick Caygill - Senior Technical consultant, SDWAN and SASE Solutions

Nick Caygill, Snr Technical Consultant, SDWAN and SASE Solutions, UK

 “I started my career working for a charity and helping those that are perhaps struggling has always been important to me – it’s great to see SDWAN Solutions has a similar mindset”  Nick Caygill

Sign up for your own SPOT VIRTUAL environment using the SDWAN and SASE Solutions affiliate link below:


and SDWAN and SASE Solutions will donate the proceeds from this to The Trussell Trust charity, to help stop hunger, in the UK. If you are outside of the UK, please let us know in which country you would like the donation to be made, and we will find an equivalent charity for the donation.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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