Available as part of your OMNIA solution, or as a stand-alone service.

Send your traffic directly to the heart of the Internet, connect to every IaaS, SaaS and public Cloud instance as well as to over 900 global Data Centre locations, and facilitate seamless communication between networks provided by different SD-WAN vendors – simply by adding SDWAN CLOUD to your network or SASE solution 


Connect To Every Cloud Provider, IAAS & SAAS Instance and 900+ Data Centres

As part of the SD-TRUST Ecosystem, SDWAN CLOUD connects to the Console Connect global platform and allows a single site on an SDWAN and SASE Solutions network real-time access to every IaaS and SaaS instance and to over 900 data centres, globally – a real breakthrough for multi-cloud customer environments. PLUS two separate SD-WAN networks can now successfully communicate through SDWAN CLOUD

” When SDWAN and SASE Solutions announced the world’s first SDWAN CLOUD in early April 2019 global Cloud, network and SD-WAN providers responded within days with their own announcements or future plans for SD-WAN and Cloud integrations to support MULTI-CLOUD SOLUTIONS – Four years later, no other provider comes close to the innovation & benefits that SDWAN CLOUD offers “

Complete Control of Your SD-WAN

Traditional SD-WAN customers using any 3rd party cloud provider, including Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. will need to install, manage and pay for a separate virtual instance in every single cloud provider accessed.

In comparison, SDWAN and SASE Solution’s SDWAN CLOUD requires only a single SD-WAN instance to access every Cloud provider thereby reducing management and cost, while delivering SD-WAN traffic as close as possible to multiple cloud environments.

SDWAN CLOUD customers control access to every 3rd party cloud instance via an online portal and can spin up and spin down connections in minutes, saving costs and simplifying Multi-cloud environment management and disaster recovery procedures.


  • SDWAN CLOUD becomes a site on your existing network & acts as a gateway to every IAAS and SAAS provider instance.
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally.
  • Consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU model.
  • Spin up or spin down connections in minutes.
  • Facilitate communication between different SD-WAN vendor technologies making multi-vendor SD-WAN networks a reality.
  • Self-provision virtual X-connects from a central portal, or we do this for you as a fully managed service
  • No need to install and manage multiple instances of SD-WAN in each IaaS and SaaS environment.

Simplifying Cloud Connectivity with SDWAN CLOUD

Cloud connectivity can become a complicated task when managing multi-cloud environments. However, SDWAN CLOUD offers a straightforward solution for connecting clouds and locations without requiring dedicated hardware.

With SDWAN CLOUD connections are easily created between different cloud platforms and regions in a multi-cloud environment. Additionally, by setting up an Access Port, we can connect your enterprise data centres and sites to your multi-cloud environment in a hybrid cloud setting, allowing you to move traffic between your private WAN and the cloud, as part of your tailored SD-WAN or SASE solution.

SDWAN CLOUD also offers automated data backup and recovery between clouds with reliable and redundant connectivity, making it perfect for organizations that run primary systems on one cloud platform and backup or secondary systems on another. Furthermore, we can enhance the performance of your applications by establishing secure and fast connections to multiple SaaS providers with SDWAN CLOUD

Connect to all public Clouds and access 900+ international data centres

View or search the SDWAN CLOUD onramp locations below or CLICK HERE to view 900+ SDWAN CONNECT locations.

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