Hyper-encryption of your sensitive data and VOIP traffic, at rest or on the move.

SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

Available as part of your OMNIA solution, or as a stand-alone service.

Classify & protect sensitive data across your SD-WAN network with OMNIA’s seamless integration of Thales layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4 High Speed Encryption (HSE), on the same device that runs Atomius SD-WAN and with zero impact on performance, scalability or operational visibility.

Hyper-protect your data and hence your business, your customers and your reputation

In your network

In DC or Cloud

In transit

In your supply chain

Here’s why every business needs to understand what Data Assurance protection delivers

“Data theft and ransomware attacks are increasing year on year and businesses of all sizes are being tageted – am I protected by my firewall?”

Even with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) activated on your firewall, your business will not be fully protected against data theft or ransomware, especially when your data is on the move. Your firewall’s DLP blade will stop data leaving your network, which it has been made aware of, but what happens to sensitive data that is not protected, and what happens when data is on the move: between offices, between data centres or between cloud environments? By encrypting your data you effectively make it worthless if stolen or hijacked.

OMNIA Data Assurance (built on Thales Network Encryption solutions) provides customers with a single integrated platform to encrypt everywhere — from network traffic between data centres and the headquarters to backup and disaster recovery sites, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Rigorously tested and certified, OMNIA SD-WAN and SASE Data Assurance technology has been vetted by such organizations as the Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA UC APL) and NATO.

Certified for Government and Defence use

(FIPS) 140-2



The benefits of OMNIA Data Assurance

Trusted security: Certified FIPS 140-2 L3, Common Criteria, NATO, UC APL, Thales Network Encryptors are preferred by market-leading financial institutions, telcos and other commercial organizations and governments in over 35 countries.

Maximum network performance: Proven to deliver maximum uptime in the most demanding, performance-intensive environments. The solutions have near-zero latency and can operate in full-duplex mode at full-line speed.

Optimal Flexibility: OMNIA Data Assurance solution offers flexible, vendor agnostic interoperability, meaning it is compatible with all the leading network vendors throughout your network. The product range supports network speeds of 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps and single to multi-port appliances and virtual solutions.

The features of OMNIA Data Assurance

Transport Independent Mode: Transforming the network encryption market, Thales Network Encryptors are the first to offer Transport Independent Mode (TIM) network layer independent (Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4) and protocol agnostic data in motion encryption.

Fully interoperable: A single platform can be used to centrally manage encryptors across single customer links or distributed networks.

Crypto-Agility: Our High Speed Encryption (HSE) Solutions are crypto-agile, meaning they support customizable encryption for a wide range of elliptic and custom curves support. Our HSEs already leverage Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) capabilities for future-proof data security.

OMNIA Data Assurance technology use cases and Thales HSE reference customers

National Governments

SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: Secure & encrypted communications to friendly nations. End to end – in other words cannot be decrypted and re-encrypted while in transit

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Range of speeds and feeds 100M to 100G for latency-sensitive applications, remote video feeds, mission critical data

BUSINESS OUTCOME: protects national intelligence worldwide and secures communications between friendly nations

APAC Border Agency

SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS: The agency needed to encrypt its live video feeds without interference or glitches due to latency for real-time monitoring and legal evidence

CHALLENGES:  Router-based IPsec had excessive latency and was causing video to cut out rendering it useless for real time monitoring or as legal evidence. The agency looked to Thales HSE solution to tackle the latency issues.

BUSINESS IMPACT: Thales HSE helped eliminate latency and choppy video feeds, while still providing certified encryption to meet compliance mandates.

Financial Services


CHALLENGES: Remote connectivity, latency-sensitive trading including real-time transactions. High volumes of sensitive Big Data for anaylsis

BUSINESS NEEDS AND OUTCOMES:  Security for international remote connectivity was provided. Compliance for audit was achieved, customer trust is maintained and reputation upheld.

Critical Infrastructure

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER As a prominent energy distribution system operator in one of Europe’s largest cities, the client is responsible for supplying electricity and gas through a combined system operator in the city proper and the surrounding region.

CHALLENGES: Latency sensitive due to real-time signalling and the response of end applications. National security and target for unfriendly nations to steal, manipulate or redirect sensitive real-time information.

BUSINESS IMPACT: By encrypting communications regarding electricity and gas using the HSE, data within the SCADA network cannot be stolen or manipulated. The company ensures that the city’s gas and electric supply has maximum protection from hacker attacks with Thales’s HSE


SECURITY REQUIREMENT:  HIPAA and other data privacy regulations with for hospital with several campus environments

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS:  High-resolution files and real-time information needed to be transferred efficiently and securely between sites
and to other medical offices, insurance companies, etc.

BUSINESS IMPACT: Bandwidth and operational improvements and compliance with internal communication mandates as well as transfer of patient information compliance.

Law Enforcement

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER: A U.S. County Sheriff’s Office provides police services for more over a million residents in several cities and towns

CHALLENGES: To access the US Criminal Justice Information system (CJIS) law enforcement agencies transferring data between any physical locations (even internally) must now encrypt that data while in transit. FIPS certification is required for CJIS.

BUSINESS IMPACT: By using Thales HSE, the County Sheriff’s Office ensures their voice, video and data communications are secure as they share sensitive information with authorized parties in different facilities.


SECURITY REQUIREMENT: Manufacturers need to secure not only their own IP, but the IP of their customers IP, data, and blueprints as it moves between locations/sites

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Business continuity and efficiency to manage costs

BUSINESS IMPACT: Secure sharing and collaboration of information, operational efficiencies and maximum uptime.

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