Currently there’s a technological revolution in healthcare:  IoT, wearables for remote monitoring, online consultations and even surgery – Healthcare has never been more reliant on their networks – lives depend on it!


Emerging technology adoption demands bandwidth everywhere and secure connection to Cloud.


  • Legacy networks using smaller MPLS circuits can struggle to provide the reliability, speed and connectivity required to provide the required level of dependable access.
  • Healthcare providers, and their often widely spread teams,  rely heavily on business-critical cloud-based applications for medical records. Some Healthcare providers rely on applications that transmit patient encounters through a scribe service via google glass, reaching scribes remotely across the world in real-time – this type of application also requires a fast and resilient connection.

  • Operating with the highest availability and security is paramount for Healthcare providers. Patient’s personal data, medical records, appointment records etc. need to be transmitted almost instantly and with considerable care to avoid a data breach, as lives can depend on it!


  • Often medical examination and tests are performed in trailers or remote locations and struggle to send large image files back to laboratories for diagnosis. A slow or inconsistent connection could mean that the file has to be transmitted several times, wasting time, delaying the investigation and increasing time to billing.
“SD-WAN has given us the confidence to fully trust and rely on our network to keep our smart monitoring devices always connected – this is imperative given that we rely on this technology to monitor a patient’s condition in real-time, enabling rapid and potentially life-saving actions.”

How our SD-WAN solutions solve these problems.

Intelligent routing

SD-WAN intelligently, securely and dynamically routes WAN traffic over the internet based on application-driven policies, meaning that prioritised traffic will securely travel on the most optimal route available, ensuring a super-quick and secure delivery. SD-WAN underpins Cloud Access as more applications are hosted in the Cloud.

Remote 4G and Increased Bandwidth

SD-WAN ensures that the required bandwidth is available to the priority applications at all times, and makes use of all available connectivity, from multiple sources and technologies, with no circuits sitting idle, Remote medical units have access to sufficient bandwidth in order to remain connected and functional..

Simple, no downtime deployment

Healthcare is a 24-hour business, and downtime is not going to be welcomed by staff trying to access critical information relating to patients. The SD-WAN service can simply be deployed over the top of your existing legacy network. with close to zero downtime, making the process entirely transparent to staff and patients, without the need for onsite IT resources.


IoT devices such as smart thermometers, inhalers and biosensors remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs to alert care teams to their deterioration (enabling the immediate response to the individual’s condition) – and also on a wider scale facilitating the collation of individual, regional or even global Covid-19 data.  SD-WAN can ensure that the benefits provided by IoT technology in the healthcare industry can be relied on and trusted to perform as they should by ensuring that the network is always connected and ready to provide the secure bandwidth needed for the smart appliances. Security of IOT devices is often overlooked in existing networks but is easily solved with SaSe.


Apart from protecting patients personal medical records, data security is extremely high priority, particularly as more data is shared via IoT devices worn by patients and sending real-time private health information out over the internet. Security of IOT devices, and ensuring all connected devices are authorised, is often overlooked in existing networks but is easily remedied with properly designed and deployed solutions.

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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