“Network organizations should source from network suppliers that meet a specific need at the right cost. Network leaders should avoid becoming over reliant on large monolithic providers that they feel most comfortable
with by evaluating the market for new vendors with new technologies and new business models “

Gartner 2019 Strategic Roadmap for networking


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions is 100% focused on all things SD-WAN and SaSe and offers modular components and services to help customers at every stage of their SD-WAN journey from planning, design and implementation, right through to ongoing solution maintenance and rescue recovery of pre-existing deployments everything customers need for a successful digital transformation.

With HQs in both London and Brussels, we are Europe’s only built for SD-WAN managed Service Provider. We have not morphed into an SD-WAN provider, we have no historic products or revenues to protect. We are vendor and carrier neutral, working with 9 SD-WAN vendor technologies, 4 TOP security vendors and 1953 telecom providers globally.

Every solution is designed according to the exact requirements of individual customers. Our customers range from global System Integrators to multi national corporates and SMEs.


The telecoms industry is evolving and SDWAN Solutions is at the forefront, not only with innovation & technology, but also with how we structure the company, the services that we provide and the solutions that we propose.

We’ve spent the last 4 years building our SD-WAN knowledge and earning the reputation as trusted experts in all things SD-WAN, backed by decades of corporate network solutions experience gained while working for Global telecoms giants. Even as a fairly young Managed Service Provider, we are undeniably way ahead of traditional telecoms companies who are slow to adapt to the technology changes we see happening every day. Working with SDWAN Solutions means that you benefit from:

  • the undivided attention of an industry expert,
  • the agility and speed at which we can turn things around, and
  • direct influence over our product and the way we do business.

Together, we will create a streamlined, mutually beneficial partnership that’s ready for the future. – you won’t get that from most other providers!

As individuals we all share the same vision of using innovation and the latest technology to provide the best network solution to underpin your business, coupled with hands on assistance when you need it, not weeks later. Every member of the team shares the same old school values of honesty, integrity, trust, dedication and commitment.

  • Commitment to the company and commitment to the clients whom we are assisting.
  • Commitment to remain impartial and not affiliated in any way to any carrier, supplier, service provider or agent.
We maintain a Code of Business conduct and ethics policy, copies of which are available on request by emailing us HERE


  • We’re award winning, 100% focused, trusted experts in all things SD-WAN – founded in 2018.
  • Our CEO and CTO are the UK’s only MEF SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts (there’s only 3 in total in Europe and only 12 globally!) We are the only company in the world to have 2 SD-WAN subject matter experts available to customers.
  • We only offer true SD-WAN vendor solutions – no SD-WANNABEs solutions here, no exceptions.
  • Our modular solutions are individually tailored to the exact needs of each and every business, ensuring the application performance customers need. Our solutions are designed using SD-WAN technology from 9 of the world’s TOP SD-WAN vendors.
  • We only work with best-in-class, proven and tested vendor and connectivity partners and technologies and have developed our own uCPE in partnership with Dell.
  • We were involved in creating the world’s first global SD-WAN certification qualification – we know SD-WAN.
  • Our 1st world-first innovation multi-cloud enabling SDWAN CLOUD beat even Google and Juniper to market.
  • Our 2nd world-first innovation SDWAN and SASE CHANNEL ASSIST  broke new SD-WAN ground empowering, educating and elevating the Channel.
  • Our 3rd world-first innovation SDWAN ASSIST (direct) breaks the archaic hold that traditional Telcos have forced on companies sourcing networks.
  • Our 4th world-first, truly disruptive innovation the SDWAN of THINGS launched in 2020 and offers you everything you need to underpin your digital transformation, regardless of what stage you’re at.
  • We align the correct vendor to each customer requirement – no two customers are the same, and we never present unsuitable solutions to customers.
  • We run most of our SD-WAN vendor solutions on our world leading uCPE meaning customers can change SD-WAN software without having to replace hardware.
  • Our CEO is one of only 6 SD-WAN Subject Matter experts globally who are tasked with accrediting training. organisation’s course content for the MEF SD-WAN certification.
  • We have local, on the ground field engineers in over 190 countries world-wide – most of whom are located within an hour from all major cities.
  • Our product portfolio covers every aspect of SD-WAN and SaSe including SDWAN CONSULT, SDWAN ASSIST, SDWAN CLOUD and SDWAN SECURE.
  • We are the trusted experts in all things SD-WAN and SASE, so you don’t have to be! – Servicing UK, European, African and global customers.
  • We won the “ONES TO WATCH” award in 2019 and returned in 2020 to win the BEST SD-WAN PROVIDER for CommsBusiness in 2020.
  • Our SaSE solutions are not tied to specific SD-WAN vendors meaning you can change SD-WAN vendor without changing your security.
  • We have over 30 SD-WAN vendor accreditations and certifications.


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Anthony has 20 years global network design and sales experience achieved by working for (and against) the world’s top Tier 1 telecoms providers. Anthony is well known within the industry and has a reputation for honesty and integrity. He has spent the last five years firmly focused on emerging SD-WAN technology obtaining several vendor certifications. He is 1 of the original 12 global SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts.
Anthony is currently learning Dutch and splits his time between the UK and Belgium. He is also a qualified Ballistics firearm & crime scene investigator.
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN and SASE Solutions
Kelly is a multi-award winning marketing, communications and innovation expert with over 20 years experience. She has worked on projects for five global technology giants, four of the big six supermarkets, three of the UK’s leading retailers, the world’s largest licensed brand and one of the big three publishers, as well as many corporations, public sector and govt. departments, charities & NFPs globally. 
To date Kelly has scooped over 19 awards and two of her campaigns have gone through UK Parliament as white papers.
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Toby’s background is mainly in finance, data migration and tech. He played an instrumental part in the launch and licencing of several London based banks where he lead the teams responsible for policies, procedures, governance & compliance.
Toby is 1 of the original 12 SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts and has a Philosophy in Cognitive Sciences degree, as well as several SD-WAN vendor specific technical qualifications.
Fluent in French, Toby heads up SDWAN Solutions SRL across Europe and is a talented vocalist & bass guitarist. He has performed with many well known International rock bands.


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


This award is given to companies less than 5 years old, disrupters in their industry, identified as the future market leaders.

SDWAN Solutions CTO SME award


MEF SD-WAN Subject Matter Expert recognition award for expert services to the industry.

SDWAN and SASE Solutions CEO SME Award


MEF SD-WAN Subject Matter Expert recognition award for expert services to the industry.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


Enterprise Networking Mag award for the TOP 10 companies identified as being at the forefront of transforming business with SD-WAN solutions.

SDWAN and SASE Solutions Best SD-WAN Award 2020


We pipped fellow finalists Silver Peak and Masergy at the post to scoop the best SD-WAN provider award. True recognition for our innovation in the industry.


SDWAN SOLUTIONS is the only company in the world to have 2 of the original 12 global SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts available to customers – we really are the Trusted Experts in all things SD-WAN- Read more about SME status HERE
SD-WAN Subject Matter Expert
SD-WAN Subject Matter Expert


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions is a Silver Peak Gold Partner

SDWAN Solutions has achieved the required staff training and certification levels, to achieve GOLD partner status with Silver Peak SD-WAN. SDWAN Solutions is currently the ONLY Silver Peak GOLD partner in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (BeNeLux) and the ONLY Silver Peak Gold partner in the whole of Africa

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

SDWAN Solutions has achieved the required staff training and certification levels, to achieve GOLD partner status with Extreme networks (Previously Infovista) Ipanema SD-WAN

As a company and as individuals we hold multiple instances of the following industry and vendor specific certifications and qualifications


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We currently have no vacancies – please check back later


Our CSR SDWANDERFUL initiatives operate in the UK, and we will soon launch in Europe and Africa. Named after the SD-WAN technology we are seen as trusted, global leaders and innovators in and how wonderfully privileged we are to be able to help in even just a small way, our aim is to make a measurable and positive difference to lives wherever we can.


We seek to raise awareness about poverty, inequality and unrealised potential, as well as raise funds through various activities and events, these funds are then donated to registered charities who know best how to support those who need it


The SDWAN Solutions CSR initiatives include our Make every event a Givent and free solution management across all of our solutions provided to Charities and Not for profit organisations, including SDWAN 1-2-3 and SASE 1-2-3 products.


The idea behind our “Make every event a Givent” innitiative was born from an observation made by our very own CEO, Anthony Senter.

“I spotted a social media post from a friend who had just spent £300 (GBP) on afternoon tea for 3 at a well-known swanky location in central London. I thought it was obscene – they could have fed 100 people for that, not just 3! It then occurred to me, how many people and businesses were spending huge amounts of money on feeding people that simply don’t need feeding in the name of corporate entertainment. I wanted to do something totally different at SDWAN Solutions. I would rather not entice people to events with lavish meals in posh settings, I would rather offer true business benefits and informative content and support charitable causes – that to me is a win-win”, explains Anthony.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

SDWAN Solutions’ CMO, Kelly Rogers adds. “We all loved Tony’s idea, but curious one evening I Googled how much money was spent annually on corporate entertainment and discovered the figure to be a staggering $1.2 TRILLION USD. When I then Googled how much it would be annually to end world hunger and discovered that estimates were between $7B and $265 BILLION USD per year, it became clear – something has gone very wrong in the world. When I shared my findings that night (quite late) with the team we all agreed, we had to do something about it. The Make every event a Givent Challenge began to take shape.”

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
 ‘Over the last year, we’ve seen more people than ever struggling to afford the basics and forced to use food banks to get by. This isn’t right. We work with partners from across the food sector to support our network of over 1,300 food bank centres to provide emergency food, while also supporting our long-term vision for a society without the need for food banks. We are so grateful to have the support of SDWAN Solutions as we work to meet the immediate need, whilst also tackling the root causes of poverty and food bank use, so that together we can build a hunger free future.’

Sophie Carre, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Trussell Trust


The aim is simple. We ask that companies slightly reduce their events spend and donate that small percentage of their corporate entertainment and hospitality budgets to charities. That’s it! We’re not asking you to take the measures we are – If just 1% of the annual global spend of $1.2 trillion USD on corporate hospitality went to food charities, the $12 billion raised would surpass the lowest estimate for ending world hunger, estimated at $7 billion USD annually. There’s not a lot more that needs to be said, we think.

We wholly support recognising staff and business relationships via events, awards and rewards activities and know how important it is to all get together in a social environment away from work. We simply suggest that a fund-raising element or small cost saving idea be applied, so that just 1% of your businesses spend goes to worthy causes. We know many businesses have extremely worthy CSR initiatives, but we also know our own staff team and guests appreciate our initiative at our FOOD FOR THOUGHT Breakfastless Business Breakfast events – even if they only get a coffee and a pastry to nibble on. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

UK October 2021 On-demand – Register Here

We know with any challenge it is imperative to lead by example and so we donate from our own corporate entertainment budget via our FOOD FOR THOUGHT events. For our live and on-demand online events, instead of feeding our most welcome, but well remunerated employed guests, we donate the money that would’ve been spent to on a 4* breakfast in a plush hotel conference room to UK food charities.

European SDWANDERFUL CSR Projects:

From the beginning of 2022 we will be rolling out our FOOD FOR THOUGHT events in the Benelux region and across Spain.

African SDWANDERFUL CSR Projects:

Our future aims (for launch 2022) for our SDWANDERFUL CSR initiative is to support online education and healthcare providers across Africa via our technologies. We will be making further announcements about this in 2022.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


With Head offices in London (UK) and Brussels (BE), a branch office in Johannesburg (SA), private meeting rooms all across the world and video conference facilities, we are never far from you.


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


70 Gracechurch Street, LONDON, EC3V 0HR

SDWAN Solutions UK

In the heart of the London Financial district, a short walk from Bank Tube Station and around the corner from the iconic Walkie Talkie building.

TEL: +44 (0) 203 638 6680

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09h00 – 17h00


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


Avenue Fonsny 46, Box 59, BRUSSELS, 1060

SDWAN Solutions Europe

Conveniently situated above Gare du Midi Station, the office is easily accessible by Eurostar, train, metro and cab services, or a short walk from the City Centre

TEL: +32 (0) 2 792 33 78 

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09h00 – 17h00


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


The Campus, Cnr Sloane & Main, Bryanston, 2021

SDWAN Solutions South Africa

Located within the Twickenham building on the prestigeous The Campus Technology Park, with easy access to major Motorways

TEL: +27 (0) 11 575 1825 

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09h00 – 17h00

Contact us here


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