Every process from logistics to production is being digitised and requires a secure and stable network, and a network that is flexible to adapt and grow as new processes and technologies are adopted, to underpin your digital transformation.


Typical problems facing manufacturing industries:

Seamless collaboration between manufacturing plants in China, engineering and development teams in Europe and design functions in the U.S., is critical to ensure productivity.

Most R&D and production sites are globally distributed and require high performance data sharing and advanced access control and security. Large file transfers are often required between locations across the globe, and between locations where access to decent connectivity is limited.

Mergers and acquisitions often means that new locations must be integrated as quickly as possible and with the least disruption.

Machine control systems often don’t support web proxies making them vulnerable. Aged software and granting access to third party maintenance companies also presents challenges.


” For SAP users we’ve seen a 50% – 80% reduction in reporting time. That means instead of waiting for an overnight batch report, users can see quality data straight from the manufacturing line and make critical decisions in near real time, potentially preventing an issue from costing us thousands of dollars in lost production.”

How our SD-WAN solutions solve these problems

A single global solution

Our SD-WAN solutions offer a single, standardised platform for your business communication, regardless of the locations and the underlying connectivity providers used. Manage your network from a single location, with complete visibility and reporting too.

WAN Optimisation

Built in WAN-Op as part of your SD-WAN solution can boost performance and cut transmission times, using less bandwidth. Intelligent traffic prioritisation also ensures that your applications have the bandwidth they need.

SDWAN Cloud 

SDWAN Cloud allows seamless communication between different SD-WAN vendor networks, meaning that you do not need to rip and replace an existing network when merging with another company. SDWAN Cloud also facilitates seamless connection to every IaaS and SaaS service and every public cloud environment. Replace costly Point to Point international circuits with PAYU connections to almost 700 international Data centres too!

Remote access for third parties

Integration security or SaSe in your SD-WAN solution allows centrally managed zero-trust access to your IOT devices without a security risk.

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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