How the finance, legal and insurance sectors benefit from  tailored OMNIA solutions or from any of OMNIA’s add-on product or service modules

  • Over £4million of client money was stolen from just 23 UK law firms via cyber-attacks. Despite the risks, less than four in ten UK law firms have cyber insurance.
  • In 2022, ATMs provided about 90% of cash withdrawals in the UK, representing £83 billion GBP from ATMs in 2022 – a slight increase from the previous year. Keeping these ATM’s online is essential for UK PLC as banks increasingly close High Street branches.
  • 20% of the top insurance companies have been targeted by cybercriminals, raising concerns about data security and ransomware susceptibility.
  • 94% of customers in the Millennial and Gen Z demographic stated that data security is a key deciding factor on who they chose to bank with or buy financial services from, including insurance purchases.
  • 60% of financial institutions had experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, 89% of financial institutions increasing their cybersecurity budgets in 2024
OMNIA - everything your business needs. The affordable all-encompassing network and security solution, only available from SDWAN Solutions

Top technologies

Ultra secure

Globally supported

Your business runs on trust and credibility. OMNIA extends its suite of essential tools not only to large financial institutions but also to boutique insurance firms, local banks, and all entities in between. From safeguarding sensitive financial data to ensuring seamless transactions and compliance with regulatory standards, OMNIA equips organizations with advanced network solutions and top-tier security measures. With sophisticated layers 2, 3, and 4 encryption and seamless multi-cloud integration, fully managed or co-managed, OMNIA provides unparalleled protection while remaining surprisingly budget-friendly. Whether you require a complete OMNIA solution or modular components tailored to your specific needs, rest assured that your business, data, and reputation are safeguarded, ultimately bolstering your bottom line and ensuring success.

 You, your board, your partners and clients, your internal users, your IT and support department, your shareholders, your CISO and your CFO will all love OMNIA


A powerful hardware device that delivers SD-WAN, Security & Data Assurance

  • Desktop or 1u Rack mounted appliances in single or High Availability configuration
  • uCPE with segmented VNF to run multiple services i.e. SD-WAN, Security and Layer 4 encryption simultaneously
  • Available for delivery, install, management and support in 190 countries, incl NBD or 4-hour RMA
  • Available in 3 powerful sizes to suit every site type
  • Devices can take 4 – 10 connections including 1GE and 10GE

Greener solution

Reduces costs

Standardises IT

Reduces IT management

OMNIA’s Vena and Vecta Universal Edge CPE ensures secure, high-speed data transmission, crucial for real-time financial operations and compliance with stringent data protection regulations, protecting sensitive customer data, all on a single device.


Atomius SDWAN

Resilient, always on networks built on intelligent next-generation foundations

  • Pure-play SD-WAN developed by SDWAN Solutions
  • Number of connections only limited by hardware
  • Packet-based dynamic traffic steering
  • Under 0.3s failover between circuits
  • Maintains voice and video sessions during an outage
  • Capable of using 4G as a main connection
  • Best performing solution using Starlink & 4G simultaneously
  • 1 licence covers 10Mbps – 1Gbps throughput
  • Licences are transferable, even between networks
  • 3 licence tiers – suitable for SME to global enterprise

Constantly connected


High Speed


Atomius SD-WAN ensures high-speed, secure transactions, supports compliance with strict data protection regulations, and enables reliable connectivity across branch offices. In an industry where per-minute billing means any downtime carries cost, and instant damage to reputation, Atomius SD-WAN keeps you constantly connected


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE framework

Full Security Framework provided on the edge, in the Cloud or on Premise

A full security framework provided using only best-of-breed vendors

  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • SWG – Secure Web Gateway
  • Firewall-As-A-Service
  • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Endpoint protection

Cyber threat protection

In-country cloud

100% malware protection

Data compliance

For the finance and insurance industry, an OMNIA Integrated SASE solution strengthens cybersecurity while supporting compliance with financial regulations. By merging network security services like SWG, CASB, and ZTNA into a single, in-country cloud-native platform, OMNIA Integrated SASE offers end-to-end encryption, real-time threat detection with the only platform that delivers a 100% block rate against malware. This not only protects against cyber threats and data breaches but also ensures secure, seamless access to financial applications and customer data, vital for maintaining trust, operational integrity, and regulatory compliance.


SDWAN and SASE SOLUTIONS Data ASSURANCE Layer 2, layer 3 and Layer 4 encryption

True Zero Trust Layers 2,3 and 4 encryption protects your data in your network, in the Cloud & in transit

Classify & protect sensitive data across any network with zero impact to performance, scalability or operational visibility.

  • Layers 2,3 and 4 data assurance encryption
  • Operates independently of applications & the underlying network
  • Enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit
  • Protects against double extortion ransomware
  • Protects data North to South (WAN) and East to West (LAN)
  • Your data becomes worthless if compromised

Protects data in transit

Data compliance

Prevents fraud

Customer trust

OMNIA’s Data Assurance Layer 4 encryption in the finance industry addresses critical security concerns by securing data in transit across banking and financial networks. This encryption method ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial transactions and customer data, protecting against interception and fraud. It enhances compliance with financial regulations on data security and privacy. Furthermore, by operating at the transport layer, it provides a seamless security layer that doesn’t impact the performance of financial applications, thus maintaining high-speed transaction processing and customer service excellence.



Your purpose-built, in-country, secure, intelligent gateway to the connected world

  • Multi-tenant or dedicated Cloud gateway for SD-WAN, local in-country Cloud security, remote access, IoT hub & more
  • Use SDWAN CLOUD to connect to every IaaS and SaaS provider instance – delivering true Multi-Cloud
  • Connection to over 900 data centres internationally on a consumption-based billing model – monthly commit or PAYU
  • Seamlessly connect and secure your IoT devices

Data sovereignty

Integrates digital services

Faster access

Data Compliance

For the finance industry, OMNIA’s SDWAN Cloud’s multi-cloud access and in-country cloud gateways ensure high-speed, secure transactions and data analytics across global markets, complying with financial regulations and data sovereignty laws. This infrastructure minimizes latency, enhances the reliability of digital banking services, and supports disaster recovery efforts, essential for maintaining uninterrupted financial operations and customer trust in a highly competitive and regulated sector.


SDWAN and SASE Solutiosn SDWAN Connect

Resilient connections from anywhere to anywhere on the planet – using all available technologies

  • Fully Managed as part of a solution, or individual circuits – wires only
  • Single point of contact for entire network incl 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active support
  • Short-term contracts available to support our exclusive ReTech guarantee
  • Solutions designed per site to provide maximum technical and commercial benefit
  • Resilient Multi-vendor options so you are never reliant on a single carrier
  • Fully integrated with Edge Connect – end-to-end connectivity to 900 DC locations

Customer experience

Global reach

Lightning fast

Around the clock

SD-WAN and SASE Connect enable the finance and insurance industry to access reliable connectivity worldwide, ensuring data security and compliance while maintaining business continuity. This empowers seamless operations, superior customer service, and enhanced collaboration within the industry.

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Global Operations: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity enables financial institutions to operate seamlessly across global markets, facilitating real-time communication, data exchange, and transaction processing. This global reach allows banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers to serve clients worldwide while maintaining high standards of service and compliance.

High-Frequency Trading: In the finance industry, where split-second decisions can make a significant impact, resilient connectivity ensures reliable access to trading platforms and market data feeds. High-frequency trading firms rely on ultra-low latency network connections provided by resilient connectivity providers to execute trades quickly and capitalize on market opportunities.

Data Security and Compliance: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity solutions include robust security features and compliance measures that are essential for safeguarding sensitive financial data, protecting against cyber threats, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Financial institutions must adhere to strict data security and privacy regulations, and resilient connectivity providers offer secure network infrastructure and protocols to meet these requirements.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity solutions incorporate redundancy and failover mechanisms to minimize the impact of network disruptions, cyberattacks, or natural disasters. In the finance and insurance industry, where downtime can result in significant financial losses or regulatory penalties, resilient connectivity ensures uninterrupted access to critical systems, data, and services, enabling quick recovery and maintaining operational continuity.

Customer Trust and Service: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity is essential for delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining trust with clients in the finance and insurance sector. Resilient connectivity enables financial institutions to provide secure online banking, insurance claims processing, and customer support services, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for clients, regardless of their location.

Collaboration and Innovation: SDWAN and SASE Connect’s resilient connectivity fosters collaboration and innovation within the finance and insurance industry by facilitating real-time communication and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. This enables financial institutions to develop innovative products and services, enhance risk management practices, and adapt to changing market conditions more effectively.


SDWAN and SAE Solutions - OMNIA XDR

A sophisticated cybersecurity solution that delivers round-the-clock monitoring and remediation.

  • Accelerated threat detection and response technology, boosted with AI
  • Integrates data from OMNIA SASE as well as Atomius SD-WAN devices
  • Easily extended to include endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and LAN devices
  • Ensures proactive risk management and mitigation across your entire digital landscape
  • Enhance your cybersecurity defences with predictive intelligence.

Protect data

Threat detection

Around the clock

Strengthen security

Having the OMNIA XDR platform built into the Atomius SD-WAN product enables finance and insurance industries to enhance their security posture, achieve regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data, ensure business continuity, prevent fraud, and optimize operational costs, ultimately enabling them to mitigate cyber risks and safeguard their reputation and assets.

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Enhanced Security Posture: Integration of OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN provides finance and insurance companies with a comprehensive security solution that spans their entire network infrastructure. This ensures continuous monitoring and protection against advanced cyber threats, such as ransomware, data breaches, and financial fraud.

Real-time Threat Detection: By combining OMNIA XDR capabilities with Atomius SD-WAN, finance and insurance firms can achieve real-time threat detection across all network endpoints and cloud environments. This enables proactive identification of security incidents, allowing organizations to respond swiftly and mitigate potential risks before they escalate.

Regulatory Compliance: Finance and insurance industries are subject to stringent regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. Integrating OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN helps organizations meet compliance obligations by providing continuous monitoring, logging, and reporting capabilities essential for demonstrating adherence to industry regulations.

Data Protection and Privacy: Protecting sensitive financial and personal data is paramount for finance and insurance firms. OMNIA XDR integrated with Atomius SD-WAN ensures robust data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and threat intelligence, safeguarding confidential information against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Business Continuity: Finance and insurance companies rely heavily on uninterrupted access to critical applications and services to maintain operations. With OMNIA XDR built into Atomius SD-WAN, organizations can ensure business continuity by detecting and mitigating security threats while optimizing network performance and availability, even during unexpected disruptions or cyberattacks.

Fraud Prevention: Integration of OMNIA XDR with Atomius SD-WAN enables finance and insurance firms to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time. By analysing network traffic and user behaviour patterns, organizations can identify anomalies indicative of fraudulent transactions or account compromises, allowing for immediate intervention to mitigate financial losses and reputational damage.

Cost Efficiency: Consolidating security and networking functionalities into a single platform offers cost efficiencies for finance and insurance companies. By eliminating the need for multiple security appliances and management tools, organizations can reduce hardware, licensing, and operational costs while maintaining robust security defences and network performance.


SDWAN and SASE Solutions SASE REMOTE deviceless SD-WAN client

Deviceless ZTNA keeping your entire remote workforce connected and protected

  • SASE REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s Windows laptop

  • SASE REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (Wi-Fi, 4G, broadband) with sub-second failover

  • Direct internet breakout from SDWAN CLOUD – optimising cloud and SaaS user experience by-passing Data Centres

  • Secure, robust connectivity with no VPN concentrator to manage or purchase

  • End-to-end secure solution protects users, your data and your network when your staff are working outside of the office

  • Traffic logging – full visibility to your users’ access and Internet usage



Cost effective

Zero Trust Access

SASE Remote’s deviceless SD-WAN client with true Zero Trust remote access offers the finance industry heightened security, regulatory compliance, continuous business operations, flexibility, scalability, optimized performance, and cost efficiency, empowering financial institutions to adapt to evolving market conditions, mitigating risks, and delivering superior financial services in a secure and connected environment.

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Heightened Security: Security is paramount in the finance industry, where sensitive financial data, customer information, and transaction records are at constant risk of cyber threats. SASE Remote’s Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) architecture ensures that remote users can securely access financial systems and sensitive data without relying on traditional VPNs, mitigating the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber-attacks, thus safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of financial assets and customer trust.

Regulatory Compliance: The finance industry is subject to stringent regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), which mandate the protection of customer data, privacy, and financial information. SASE Remote ZTRA provides a modern and secure alternative to VPN access, enabling financial institutions to maintain compliance with regulatory mandates while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive information, thereby avoiding regulatory penalties and reputational damage.

Continuous Business Operations: In the finance sector, maintaining continuous access to critical systems and applications is essential for business continuity and customer service. SASE Remote ZTRA offers seamless and deviceless connectivity, allowing finance professionals to securely access trading platforms, banking systems, and financial databases from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and timely decision-making, even during unexpected disruptions or remote work scenarios.

Flexibility and Scalability: The finance industry often experiences fluctuations in workforce requirements, such as remote teams, contract workers, and temporary staff during peak periods. SASE Remote ZTRA provides financial institutions with a flexible and scalable remote access solution that can accommodate changing user demands without the need for additional hardware or infrastructure investments, enabling cost-effective scalability and operational agility.

Optimized Performance: Traditional VPNs can introduce latency and performance issues, impacting the productivity and efficiency of finance professionals accessing critical applications and data remotely. SASE Remote ZTRA leverages SD-WAN capabilities to optimize performance and reliability, prioritizing mission-critical applications and ensuring a seamless user experience, even over unreliable or congested network connections, thereby enhancing productivity and enabling faster decision-making in the finance industry.

Cost Efficiency: Deploying and managing traditional VPN solutions can be complex and costly for financial institutions, requiring hardware procurement, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance. SASE Remote ZTRA eliminates the need for dedicated VPN hardware and streamlines remote access management through a centralized cloud-based platform, reducing infrastructure costs and administrative overhead, thus enabling financial institutions to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on core business objectives.



Securely connect your devices to clouds, data centres and offices worldwide, bypassing the Internet

  • Securely connect your IOT devices to your network
  • Connect back to any location bypassing the public Internet
  • Reduce the threat of cyber-attacks on IOT devices
  • Use OMNIA IOT to build a secure payment network for POS units

Enhanced security

Operational efficiency

Streamlined operations

Build secure payment network

OMNIA IOT offers tailored benefits to the finance, insurance, and legal sectors, considering their unique requirements. By leveraging IoT technology, OMNIA IOT enhances operational efficiency, data security, and regulatory compliance within these industries. Its customizable solutions cater to the specific needs of each sector, providing tangible benefits that drive productivity and enhance client satisfaction.

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Enhanced Security: By securely connecting IoT devices to the OMNIA network, bypassing the general Internet, the risk of cyber-attacks is greatly reduced. OMNIA IOT thus helps protect sensitive financial, legal, and client data, bolstering overall security protocols and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Improved Connectivity: OMNIA IOT establishes direct connections back to SD-WAN Cloud gateway locations, bypassing the public Internet. This ensures reliable communication between various monitoring sensors, devices, and systems within banking, legal, and insurance organizations, promoting operational efficiency and facilitating seamless data exchange.

Streamlined Operations: With secure connectivity and reduced cyber-attack risks, banking, legal, and insurance firms can streamline their operations, focusing on delivering exceptional services rather than grappling with connectivity issues or security concerns. OMNIA IOT optimizes workflows, enhances collaboration, and enables efficient data exchange, ultimately improving productivity and client satisfaction.

Enhanced Client Experience: The seamless integration facilitated by OMNIA IOT allows for personalized services and interactions tailored to individual client needs and preferences. This enables banking, legal, and insurance organizations to deliver superior client experiences, fostering trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships.

Secure Transaction Processing: OMNIA IOT can be leveraged to build secure transaction networks for financial transactions and legal document exchanges. By implementing robust encryption and authentication mechanisms, OMNIA IOT safeguards sensitive transactions and data, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and bolstering client trust in the security of their financial and legal transactions.

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