The banking sector recognises the need to be compliant especially whilst moving real time applications to the Cloud, but they also must compete with newer tech savy competitors entering the market – SD-WAN technology facilitates both of these.


Typical  Problems:

  • So many businesses are moving from the real-world entirely into the digital one, and even more so in an ever-growing cashless society,  with expectation of everything NOW. Many issues can be solved via cloud-based applications but this in turn demands vastly increased security. The connections need to be reliable and secure from the office to the data centre or Cloud, and from remote workers accessing the network or Cloud.
  • MPLS networks have been relied on for years to allow for secure, low-latency connectivity, but these are becoming less fit-for-purpose as more and more legacy applications and secure messaging systems move from dedicated connections to cloud services – and MPLS can suffer with outages, even with failover links, taking up to 30 seconds or more to reconnect.
  • Difficulties with reliable and secure connectivity to critical and latency-sensitive applications can be particularly troublesome affecting both user experience and time-sensitive data needs, especially when managing your investment portfolio.
  • Global operations over such private networks often incur high costs, with budgets dictating the size of the connections, forcing compromises that do not benefit the business.
  • Moving into a new office you could wait months for permission from the landlord for permission to access the riser, followed by delayed installation of networks links in a post-Covid world where offices are vastly downsizing  can prove a constrictive issue.
  • Operating with the highest available levels of availability and security are  paramount for Financial and Law firms. Client’s personal data, statements, evidence, transactions and financial records need to be transmitted with considerable care to avoid a costly data breach in terms of revenue and reputation.



” A single data breach can be the demise of even the largest financial and legal institutions”


Clients of Financial institutes and Law Firms need complete assurance that their sensitive data and money is in safe hands and unfortunately this has proven to not be the case based on a 2019 report that 25% of Law firms in the US alone had experienced at least one data breach and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre stated in 2018 that £11 million of client money was stolen from UK law firms due to cyber-crime in 2017-2018.

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How our SD-WAN solutions solve the problems:

With the need to protect highly sensitive data and finances, network security is of the highest priority. Traffic is encrypted, travels dynamically and can be segmented with SD-WAN, separating mission-critical traffic and assets from other traffic on the network – such as ATM machines or transaction/trading systems for example.  In addition, we offer Security-as-a-Service (SaSe) using world-class security vendors providing generation 6 security protection with your SD-WAN solution ensuring the most up-to-date security and protection against current threat levels and preventing the needs for a security layer managed by the MPLS provider – control over which can be slow.

Intelligent Dynamic Per Packet Steering

Means not even a call will drop if you lose a link and you stay permanently connected to your applications.

Cost Savings

The ability to use cheaper connectivity options and WAN optimisation will turbo-charge the connections you have whilst keeping your costs low. Retiring the old legacy routers and replacing with a single device that does network and security will rapidly demonstrate ROI.

Always Connected

Keeping your users connected, your traffic flowing and your applications optimised.

No need for IT staff onsite

When a senior partner or a real time department has a network issue its top priority – SD-WAN ensures greatly reduced business interruption no matter where the IT team are controlling the network from.

Flexible networking

SD-WAN adapts and changes as your business does; you can be instantly up and running using 4G connectivity and broadband – perfect for emergency, remote working or temporary relocations.

Disaster Recovery

With firms and businesses now moving to co-located data centres, disaster recovery has become a far smoother process than it used to be. With SD-WAN implemented across your network, should the worst happen at your primary Data Centre, traffic will almost instantly redirect to your DR hub without any manual intervention. And should the worst happen at one of your sites, the SD-WAN device can quickly be moved to a new site and redeployed there within minutes – with whatever connectivity is available – and minimal network reconfiguration.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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