We are globally recognised experts in all things SASE & SD-WAN and deploy a strict vendor-agnostic approach to our Professional Services offering, complete SD-WAN & SASE solutions and our Rescue and Recovery service. We work closely with all business types and sizes, from SMEs to Enterprises, corporates and the public sector, as well as with the Channel and ISPs, to deliver and manage solutions that get IT right first time.

When it come to a network refresh or integration of your current network technologies and security solutions, we excel in the deep-dive consultations and investigations that provide clear overview of the technologies on your network, their importance based on use and how these can be amalgamated, integrated or consolidated to:

  • Provide greater productivity
  • Cut costs
  • Reduce complexity
  • Free-up IT teams for other important projects and tasks

We are the only company on the planet to have 2 MEF double-accredited SD-WAN Subject Matter Experts, collectively we hold over 35 vendor certifications and our world-first innovations regularly beat the technology giants to market.

Getting an expert team at the inception of your SD-WAN of SASE project saves time and costs, avoids complexity and remediation, and ultimately achieves your objectives faster, smarter and on budget.

We’re on hand with unrivalled expertise, insights and knowhow to remediate any issues you’ve encountered and get back on track. Fast!


We Offer a Full Suite of Professional SD-WAN and SASE Services – take a single service or take them all!

• Complete Digital Transformation Consultancy
• RFI / RFP Processes
• Solution Design
• Research and Development Laboratory Services
• Proof of Concept trials
• Pilot Programmes
• Documentation creation
• Training on specific vendor technologies

• Project Management
• Solution Recovery of existing projects
• Orchestrator-as-a-Service
• Deployment-as-a-Service in 190 countries
• Engineer-as-a-Service in 190 countries
• Market comparison to assist your decision
• uCPE Hardware for SD-WAN and SASE


Scale what you need to suit your business, your budget and your applications

We are 100% SD-WAN & SASE and provide everything from expert Professional Service to complete managed solutions


You can rely on our vast and unbiased multi-vendor SD-WAN and SASE knowledge and experience to ensure that your business gets the best possible solution using only qualified vendors when you engage us to run your RFP or RFI process, from start to finish. We know the technologies and we know the vendors and their capabilities.

Our standard RFP process has 54 modules that cover every aspect of SD-WAN and SASE procurement. It includes:

• RFP Alignment & planning workshops
• Project specification workshops
• Templated information gathering sessions
• Invited vendor selections
• RFP document creation
• Scoring system creation

• Sign-off procedures
• RFP response evaluations
• Vendor clarification meetings
• Shortlist creation
• POC or pilot management
• Solution recommendations

Your SD-WAN or SASE journey might start with an RFP or RFI – we can help with that.

We offer world-class professional Services to all types and sizes of business



SDWAN SOLUTIONS field engineers in US, Canada and South America




SDWAN SOLUTIONS field engineers in AFRICA


SDWAN SOLUTIONS field engineers in ASIA PAC

SD-WAN and SASE Consult

Held online, in our Metaverse office, as a face-to-face meeting or as a workshop – our expert consultancy service investigates your entire digital transformation strategy and helps you plan every aspect that relies on network or security – Vendor technologies, infrastructure and connectivity, hardware, Cloud or multi-Cloud, business applications, SLA requirements, DC integration, business process migration, expansion, consolidation, and M&A integrations – helping you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

RFI / RFP process management

You can rely on our vast and unbiased multi-vendor SD-WAN and SASE knowledge and experience to ensure that your business gets the best possible solution using only qualified vendors when you engage us to run your RFP or RFI process, from start to finish. We know the technologies, we know the vendors and most importantly, we know their capabilities. Our standard RFP process has 54 modules covering every aspect of SD-WAN and SASE procurement.

Tailored solution design

We are vendor agnostic and will always recommend and design solutions based on a detailed consultation with you. We ensure that you are fully aware of all the features, benefits and any potential shortcomings of your solution. We are the proven experts in SD-WAN and SASE technology, so you don’t have to be!

Research and development laboratory

We have live lab environments in London (UK) Brussels (BE) Johannesburg (SA) and in the Cloud and can demonstrate solutions and concepts in real-time, using real connectivity options. The laboratory is not a simulated environment and so demonstrates actual performance in real world scenarios.

Proof of Concept and pilot trials

It is always recommended to see how your chosen solution performs within your own network, or to compare how different vendor solutions perform in a live environment. We configure and install POC and Pilot trials on your network for peace of mind – you see how the solution performs, and how we perform, before committing to a final solution.

Field engineer services

With experienced local field engineers available in 190 countries, we install, manage and support our SD-WAN, SASE and hardware solutions across the globe. Most of our engineers are located within 1 hour of major cities. We also offer Engineer-as-a-Service and Deployment-as-a-Service in these countries.

uCPE hardware appliances

Our VENA and VECTA universal customer premises equipment hardware ranges support most of our SD-WAN software vendors and have NFV capability to also run third party security software on the same device as SD-WAN. A single device for SD-WAN and security. We configure, install, manage and support the devices in 190 countries, with 4 hour or NBD RMA.

Installation and management services

We project manage the installation of the solution connectivity and physical hardware devices according to an agreed roll-out schedule and we manage the solution, either as a fully managed or co-managed option. Management includes all configuration, moves and changes.

24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support Centre

Our experienced technical team is available 24×7 to proactively monitor and support every component within the solution – connectivity, hardware and software, with full escalation to CTO and CEO level. Tickets can be raised via an online portal, by email or by phone.

Rescue and recovery of failed solutions

Not everyone has the experience and advanced knowledge needed to successfully deliver an SD-WAN or SASE network, and sometimes projects go wrong or stall. Our rescue and recovery service will help get your installation back on track, or fine tune your existing configuration. We visit every aspect of the solution, from design to configuration, supplier management and connectivity installation.


With SDWAN Solutions on your side, you don’t need to be an expert in emerging network technologies. You don’t need to spend months researching and meeting with dozens of suppliers, We’ve done the groundwork for you, we’ve pushed the technologies to the limits. We’re here to help, so you get IT right first time

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