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 Classify & protect sensitive data across your SD-WAN network on the same SD-WAN device,  with zero impact on performance, scalability or operational visibility – SD-WAN and SASE solutions, with Certes integration, designed, installed and managed for you.

What SD-WAN delivers:

  • SD-WAN works over any network or connectivity
  • SD-WAN makes the Internet “safe for Business”
  • SD-WAN is application focused
  • SD-WAN mitigates packet loss and latency
  • SD-WAN is focused on business needs
  • SD-WAN reduces network complexity
  • SD-WAN increases application availability


What SD-WAN does not deliver:

  • SD-WAN does not understand the business value of the data it is transporting
  • SD-WAN cannot protect data if it is sent to the incorrect destination due to misconfiguration or incorrect Local breakout settings
  • SD-WAN cannot protect against data loss
  • SD-WAN cannot protect against Ransomware attacks.
  • SD-WAN does not meet compliance needs in Regulated Industries


The benefits of integrating Certes with your SD-WAN solution:

  • Certes adds 100% focus on protecting valuable data
  • Certes can further protect data in the supply chain / 3rd party network outside of your company SD-WAN network
  • Certes can protect data in Cloud / Multi-cloud environments
  • Certes is placed as close to the User / Application as possible and protects data no matter where the data travels – including the LAN side.
  • Certes separates each valuable data flow into its own separate encrypted flow – making the data useless to anyone other than the intended recipient
  • Certes separates key owner from key admin for the encryption – delivering true separation and true Zero Trust
  • Certes compliments your SD-WAN network by adding LAN side and whole journey protection for the data irrespective of where it travels.
  • Certes assures customer regulatory compliance

We asked Certes Networks how Certes protects against Ransomware Data Extraction?

“So – assume we place the enforcement point as close to the data as possible so it will be encrypted before it gets to any network (wired or wireless) or any hacker. As the data is encrypted the hacker can no longer decide what data is valuable and worth stealing and what is not. The hacker will also not be able to move laterally across the network to find other systems to look at – such as domain controllers to give themselves an Admin account. That’s the first anti-ransomware protection.Simon Pamplin, Certes Networks CTO

We asked Certes Networks how Certes protects against Double Extortion Ransomware?

“Certes also protects against what is called double extortion ransomware – this is where the hacker gains access to the unprotected network, identifies valuable data and copies it to a remote location then deletes the customers local copy and ransoms the customer to return the data. The Certes encryption will make the data valueless to the hacker as they will not know what the data is and therefore not know if they are extracting this weeks Facebook updates or valuable payroll data”. Simon Pamplin, Certes Networks CTO

Additional information about Certes Layer 4 crypto-segmentation

  • Only Certes can deliver Layer 4 Data Assurance technology.
  • The Certes Layer 4 technology enables data assurance, including encryption of data in transit, at Layer 4. Because the technology is network agnostic, it can easily be integrated into SD-WAN infrastructure. The Certes solution is fully interoperable with existing security stacks and has no impact on network performance.
  • With Certes Layer 4 technology, customer’s can be sure that their data assurance posture will scale to support their environment, whether deployed:
      • top-of-rack,
      • in a virtual environment,
      • between Applications and Data Centres (east to west) or
      • across their SD-WAN network.
  • Only the payload is encrypted in the Certes layer 4 solution thereby enabling transparent deployment that operates independently of applications and the underlying network. No changes are needed to routers, switches and firewalls. Operational functionality and network visibility are fully maintained with no impact on performance.
  • The Certes Layer 4 solution delivers on the promise of Provable Security so data security is seen as a strategic investment in mitigating risk and a quantifiable contribution to the overall value of an organization.

“But what if the ransomeware cyber-criminal encrypted and stole the data and then just deleted the local copy after finding it worthless?

“If they stole it all they would have would be encrypted data that they cannot de-crypt so useless to them. If they deleted the local copy anyway then the customer should have a backup strategy and that is outside of the Certes solution. The point is that we make it much harder to gain anything from a ransomware attack encouraging the hacker to move to an easier target and at the same time protecting the customer from breaching any data protection or regulatory requirements” Simon Pamplin, Certes Networks CTO

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