As an approved echnology vendor to SDWAN Solutions, the Adaptiv Networks’ niche solution removes barriers to business digital transformation with amazingly simple and effective cloud connectivity

SDWAN and SASE Solutions

SD-Wan for the small and medium organisation

With digital transformation businesses of every size have become more reliant upon cloud services.  Larger enterprises, who have sufficient IT resources and budget, are turning to SD-WAN for greater network agility and performance. But what about the small and mid-sized business, public sector organizations and NGOs? How can they gain the benefits of SD-WAN without the cost and complexity?

Adaptiv Networks removes the barriers to business digital transformation with amazingly simple, reliable, performant and affordable cloud connectivity.

The Adaptiv solution is aimed at a very specific market and we consider it to be a better solution than the current solution offered by one of the largest SD-WAN brands, playing in that space.

1 minute introduction to Adaptiv Networks

SD-Internet- and SD-Wan-as-a-Service

SD-Internet-as-a-S is a managed service provided by certified partners which delivers reliable and unbreakable cloud connectivity for the small and medium organisation that relies upon cloud services to run its business.

SD-Wan-as-a-S extends the managed service to multi-site organisations who depend upon both cloud and on-premise applications.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Automatic Site Failover. Continuously monitors link health and seamlessly fails over upon link failure or degradation. All inbound and outbound sessions remain connected and all users will remain online with no dropped calls and no change in IP address.
  • Bi-directional QOS. Manages traffic prioritization of critical business applications, specifically voice and video services delivered over broadband. Every broadband connection is calibrated to insulate the quality of experience against the problems of congestion and contention.
  • Link Aggregation. Combine up to 8 internet links into a unified network overlay with aggregated bandwidth that delivers high-speed connections even in remote areas with poor broadband coverage.
  • Traffic Steering.  Distribute network packets efficiently over multiple network links to maximize performance and availability.
  • Cloud Management.  All provisioning, monitoring and configuration of the edge devices managed in the Adaptiv | Cloud portal by SDWAN Solutions.

May 2021: Info-Tech independant SD-WAN review and Scorecard: Adaptiv Networks

Download the Info-Tech Adaptiv Scorecard:

The Product Scorecard is a comprehensive report designed to help clients make better purchasing decisions.

Data in the report is collected from real end users’ of the product and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Adaptiv industry specific Case Studies and White Papers

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


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