As an Infovista Gold partner, SDWAN Solutions will advise how Ipanema’s Application Visibility and Control delivers unprecedented application performance across your entire network 

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Cloud-native SD-WAN that secures and controls the evolving edge

Ipanema’s next generation cloud-first platform unifies networking and security operations into a seamless simple-to-use cloud orchestrator. With one integrated and easy-to-deploy solution, your endpoints are instantly provisioned, you automate resilient application performance, and your security is never outdated.

What does Cloud-native  SD-WAN mean for the business?

Cloud-native SD-WAN means workloads are automatically secure, high performing and reliably available to any user anywhere in the world. IT forgets maintenance and release cycles and starts focusing on innovation and digital experiences.


“Ipanema produced an overall ROI in less than 2 months, with the customer experience significantly improved and much more efficient.”

Ipanema SD-WAN key benefits

  • Frictionless enterprise WAN evolution from MPLS to SD-WAN to SASE
  • Cloud-native SD-WAN: orchestration, networking security, multi-cloud connectivity and WAN optimization
  • Unrivaled Ipanema Application Performance monitoring and QoE guarantee
  • Cloud-based advanced security powered by Check Point
  • Low latency global private backbone and multi-cloud on ramp powered by Equinix
  • Cloud-first delivery for enhanced agility and time-to-market
  • Ultra-flexible pay-as-you-go licensing

Top use cases

  • Business Continuity

Manage your entire networking ecosystem from a single point: network security, multi-cloud and SD-WAN

  • Secure the evolving WAN

Protect your growing attack surface with an integrated, cloud-based network threat prevention system for geo-distributed deployments

  • Migrate workloads to the cloud

Leverage a low-latency global private backbone and build a low-latency multi-cloud connectivity on ramp for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to enhance the user experience for critical apps

  • Time to innovation

Reduce time to market with a cloud-native designed and cloud-first solution that evolves to SD-WAN and SASE at your pace with heavily reduced project cycles

Users are productive and IT can sleep at night. Ipanema SD-WAN does that.

Finance Case Study: Banca Popolare
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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Transforming the network for edge-centric enterprise
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Secure and control the extended edge with Ipanema SD-WAN

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

CloudMesh: low-latency cloud-based full mesh 

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

EdgeSentry: advanced cloud-based security powered by Check Point

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Consumption-licensing for cloud-delivered transformation

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