SDWAN Solutions’ Silver Peak Gold Partner status is recognition of our expert knowledge and experience when it comes to designing, installing and managing Silver Peak  SD-WAN solutions.

SDWAN and SASE Solutions

Over 2000 customers globally rely on Silver Peak high-performance WAN solutions to underpin their businesses

Silver Peak provides virtual WAN overlays to securely and reliably connect users to applications, via a complete range of software and cloud-based solutions. Our solutions allow your IT team to use any underlying connectivity technologies in a single solution, without compromising application performance. Your costs are lowered, your business performance is boosted and your users are happy and productive.


Not all SD-WANs are created equal

“The sales staff don’t want to worry about the network or back office. This Silver Peak technology has helped hugely. Staff can do what they do best and put more attention to the customers”

Build a Better WAN with Silver Peak Aruba

Our secure SD-WAN foundation and unique product innovation adds performance, visibility, control and security to your network, allowing you to:


  • Realise greater agility and achieve cost savings
  • Accelerate cloud adoption and embrace the internet with confidence
  • Redeploy OPEX and CAPEX efficiencies
  • Connect your users to applications – seamlessly
  • Secure your business operations
  • Reduce expose to data breaches
  • Business intent policies keep you compliant
  • Use business function to segment applications
  • Have complete visibility into every aspect of your network
  • Simplify IT operations and management
  • Adjust and maintain required bandwidth at every location
  • Roll out changes in real time via automation
  • Enhance your user and customer experience
  • Deliver uncompromised data centre and application performance

Our Silver Peak Aruba certifications and qualifications

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SDWAN and SASE Solutions

Business driven SD-WAN

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Optimising SaaS

SDWAN and SASE Solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Financial impact

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Application performance

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