” Best in class SD-WAN vendor technologies & Check Point Quantum Edge provided on a single device, in a single solution, by the trusted experts in all things SD-WAN and SASE

Ask us about SD-WAN integration with Palo Alto, ZScaler, Fortinet and Netskope “


Starting From £149.95 SDWAN 1-2-3 + World Class Check Point Security

SASE 1-2-3 SECURE transforms businesses across all sectors that rely on the Internet, IoT and remote workers with on-premise and cloud-delivered security services.

Installed on the SDWAN Solutions VENA and VECTA SD-WAN hardware devices, Check Point Quantum Edge delivers top-rated Threat Prevention updated in real-time with the latest ThreatCloud intelligence and seamless integration with the world’s top SD-WAN providers like Silver Peak, Aryaka, Oracle and VMware Velocloud: SD-WAN + SECURITY – ON A SINGLE DEVICE

We also supply the same level of service in conjunction with Global SD-WAN provider Aryaka, using their  priority ANAP hardware devices. Our best in class unified threat and access management platform can reduce operational expense by up to 40%: A single device and a single solution –  giving you the network performance and security that your business needs.

” How do you secure your smaller sites at remote locations that are not staffed by the same IT or security experts as at your HQ site?” 

Secure all of your sites

You need a branch office security solution that is affordable, agile and manageable at scale to close any and all branch office security gaps.

With SASE and SASE 1-2-3, companies with large numbers of remote branch offices get industry-leading protection, accelerated delivery of new services and reduced operating and capital expense costs – PLUS companies have full control of security policy and data, satisfying privacy and regulation requirements.

We provide an industry leading virtual security gateway with advanced threat prevention that is centrally deployed and managed within minutes, making it an ideal security solution for branch offices. Quantum Edge provides comprehensive threat-prevention security, zero-day protection, agile delivery, management and automation across our suite of SD-WAN vendors.

Your SASE 1-2-3 solution includes:

  • Application control
  • URL filtering to enforce safe web use
  • Intrusion protection services
  • Anti-Bot
  • Antivirus – protect from known threats
  • HTTPS inspection safeguards from threats trying to hide inside encrypted HTTPS channels

Furthermore, Check Point is a fully consolidated and connected cyber security architecture protecting on premises, cloud and branch networks, as well as endpoint and mobile devices from advanced persistent threats. Threats identified on one device can be automatically propagated as an IoC (Indicator of Compromise) to protect your branch, mobile and cloud-hosted assets from the same zero-day threat.

Why just detect threats when you can prevent them entirely ?


Check Point provides organisations of all sizes with integrated, advanced threat prevention, reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership. Check Point security products protects SaaS, IaaS, and now branch office assets, from sophisticated threats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks.

Unlike other solutions that only detect threats, Check Point prevents threats. Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection is a cloud-hosted sandboxing technology where files are quickly quarantined and inspected, running in a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behaviour before it enters your network. Malware is detected during the exploit phase, even before hackers can apply evasion techniques attempting to bypass the sandbox.This innovative solution combines cloud-hosted CPU-level inspection and OS-level sandboxing to prevent infection from the most dangerous exploits, and zero-day and targeted attacks. 


A centralised Cloud-hosted Security Management Portal (SMP) streamlines provisioning, maintenance and security policy and event management of tens of thousands of devices. Automating firmware updates and backups and setting security policy plans for common groups of CloudGuard Edge virtual security gateways greatly simplifies security management. CloudGuard Edge sends security logs to the SMP’s central log repository. With the pre-defined central reports customers can easily see Infected Hosts, Prevented Attacks, Detected Attacks and Attack Trends.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Protecting schools and students
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Protecting IOT devices
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Protecting IOT Health devices
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Protecting manufacturing
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Protecting Healthcare

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SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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