Your New SD-WAN Network is installed as a Non-disruptive Hybrid Overlay

You can choose to keep your existing network (MPLS, leased lines, Internet) in place and we install the SD-WAN network without disruption and at the locations that you choose without disruptions and with zero touch deployment. Once the overlay network is in place, we begin boosting connectivity at individual sites by adding additional circuits—leased lines, ADSL, FTTC, 4G etc where needed.

When the contracts for your old legacy circuits expire, we remove those connections from the network, and replace them with faster and cheaper connectivity, again without disruption.

You control the speed of deployment, how much legacy network you want to maintain and for how long – all project managed by our experienced team as part of our service.

“We do all the hard work for you – we are the trusted experts in all things SD-WAN and SaSe so you don’t have to be! “

“We make sure that your migration to an SD-WAN or SASE network is as simple and non-intrusive as possible – RIGHT FIRST TIME”

How We Work With You and Your Business

SD-WAN is not all about the many technical and commercial benefits that a properly designed and tailored solution brings to your business, but also about the improved network visibility and control.

We’ve simplified the whole process and have done the time-consuming work for you. We recommend only proven suppliers for your solution, perhaps introducing new services to that will be of benefit to you, and at the same time slice months off your project timeline.

  • We listen to your business requirements
  • We design a bespoke solution for you
  • We align the best SD-WAN vendor technology
  • We select the best connectivity options
  • We fine tune the solution with you
  • We test the solution in our RnD lab environment
  • We demonstrate the solution with a free of charge 2 week POC live in your environment
  • We ensure all agreed POC criteria are met
  • We negotiate the best commercial offer for you
  • We agree a full solution roll-out
  • We train your team on the solution technology
  • We configure & install remaining sites
  • We monitor, support and maintain your new network
  • We co-manage the network with you
  • We RE-TECH connectivity when new technologies become available
  • YOU reap the SD-WAN benefits


If even only one of the scenarios below applies to you – you’re ready for SD-WAN !

  • You are investigating a WAN refresh or a hybrid network solution
  • You are using ever more cloud-based services
  • You need to reduce traditional business-class carrier costs
  • You want to reduce management complexity of your WAN
  • You want to reduce cost of existing WAN remote branch equipment
  • You have 2 sites or more
  • You are aggressively deploying video to branch office locations
  • You have limited or no IT personnel on-site in all locations or are reducing headcount
  • Your staff needs to work remotely
  • Your current provider contracts are coming to an end or are no longer suitable
  • You have one or more sites that need additional connectivity
  • You have one or more sites that need resilience or redundancy
  • You have one or more sites that needs to scale bandwidth up and down often
  • You have one or more sites that have multiple tenants
  • You have one or more sites that do not justify a leased line connection
  • You have one or more sites with limited onsite IT resource
  • You have one or more sites outside of the city limits or a fair distance from the nearest local telco exchange
  • Your landlord will not allow access to the riser, or the building riser is at full capacity
  • Your company needs international access intermittently i.e. a few times daily
  • Your event needs high bandwidth streamed internationally but only for a short period
  • Your media house transmits large files internationally a few days a month
  • Your local HQ transmits data to an international DC daily
  • You require connection to an international DC for daily backups
  • Your local and International DC synchronise data once daily
  • You require bursts of high bandwidth to an international DC location
  • You are going through a merger or acquisition
  • You need to connect different provider networks in a single solution

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