SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

As part of the unique SDWAN COMPLETE product range, you can include VOIP handsets, softphones and calling packages, provided and supported as part of your solution (UK only) 

Voice products are brought to you in partnership with

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


My core platform has the intelligence, scale and flexibility to allow your business to prosper in the new digitally led business market.
  • I am an intelligent cloud-based IP Telephony Service.
  • I provide the highest available voice clarity on every call, everywhere.
  • I am highly flexible, uniquely straightforward to use and always there.
  • I bring together all the convenience of modern technology into one easy-to-use phone system.
  • Using my compatible devices, configure me through my intuitive, state-of-the-art portal.
  • Or access me via the desktop or mobile app.
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
Eve voice features



My core allows you to make and receive calls, leave and access voicemail and provides music-on-hold, as well as hunt groups, so you can use me to support all of your business communications.


You can collaborate in real time using my audio conferencing and web based screen sharing. Work together using my group chat function and share or update documents remotely.


I protect my users from fraudulent activity such as hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends, through a number of measures including Exceptional Call Protection (ECP), audits, password management and no dial through from voicemail.


I can make sure you record those all-important calls, no matter which device you use, then access them through my intuitive portal. The process is industry compliant and you can use my data centres to store calls safely and securely.


Connect me to your IT systems, then I can check your calendar to see if you’re in a meeting, so I can automatically change your availability status and route calls to an alternative destination.


My hunt groups will make sure the right person always answers your call. My call queues play music and hold your callers when people are unavailable to answer the phone immediately, while my custom menus let you direct calls based on the department the caller wishes to contact.


Use my portal to choose the number you want, regardless of where your office is located, or if you would rather keep your existing numbers, that’s not a problem. I can move your current numbers to my network for you to use however you want.


You can link all your sites together into one phone system, by either using one of my feature packages, or your existing phone system. You will benefit from free calls between them and I can configure inbound numbers to ring where you want them to.


Call centre functionality isn’t just for traditional call centres. I can provide support for any business where customer service is a priority.


My Automatic Call Distribution ensures that the right person picks up calls, every time. I evenly disperse calls to agents or I can point inbound calls to individuals with specific skills.  Your callers will never face the frustration of reaching an engaged tone. You can use recordings to express comfort messaging, marketing notifications or out of office information during holiday periods. Callers will be reassured that their call will be answered.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

My highly visual, customisable wallboard displays call statistics in real time, keeping you in tune with your callers’ experience

Typically displayed on a large, wall mounted monitor, your visibility of call volumes is improved and collaborative working is enhanced. I present you with live statistics allowing you to keep track of call volumes, average answer time and the number of dropped calls. My wallboard layout is aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to understand with user avatars and clear text. My wallboard is controlled from
my portal; use drag and drop functionality to customise it to suit your needs.


I protect myself from fraudulent activity, such as hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends, through a number of measures including audits, password management and no dial through from voicemail

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Exceptional Call Protection

I am always alert, so call volumes and patterns are monitored and reported against a pre-defined threshold, especially for high risk categories, such as premium rate calls. When I detect any unusual call activity, you will receive an immediate alert and I will block any outbound calls from the vulnerable connections. If we agree that fraudulent activity has indeed taken place, we’ll ask you to report the matter to the police for investigation. Fraud is becoming more sophisticated and more common, so my development will need to keep pace. I will be introducing ever more vigilant processes and alerts, to keep you even safer.

My unified communication features will make collaborating with colleagues, customers and suppliers straightforward, wherever you are. Ideas and thoughts can be rapidly exchanged and users can interact using my group chat function. Work in progress can be easily shared, with users commenting and drawing inside the uploaded documents or presentations in real time. My collaboration feature is fully supported on both the desktop and mobile app, so you can work together, wherever you are.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Benefit from increased productivity and save money by using my mobile app to access my features on the go, using your smartphone or tablet.

Search your contacts, see who’s available, talk to and instant message your friends and colleagues using my smart easy to use interface.

You control where your calls ring, set your current availability or even set your future availability right from your mobile device without needing to log in to my portal

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

By combining a suitable headset with my desktop app, you can work more comfortably at your keyboard and enjoy all my features from your screen.

My portal is your gateway to controlling my features to match your specific requirements. It is easy to navigate and designed to be highly intuitive. My designers built the graphics and menus around essential customer requirements.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


I am eve. Making the decision to buy me could not be more straightforward. You need only make one clear monthly payment that covers all your communication requirements. There are no large upfront payments, just a simple per user licencing cost and a monthly rental charge for connectivity. There are just three licence types to choose from.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

*Includes free calls to Local/National/03/FM1/FM3/FM4/FM5/FM6. Subject to a fair usage policy of 5,000 minutes. An optional handset from the range
can be purchases for a monthly charge on all hosted licence types. The minimum term of the licence becomes 36 months with a monthly handset


SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


What if I am just setting up my business?

Perfect. I will connect you to your customers from day one, wherever you are.

What if my business changes size or location?

Don’t worry. My home is the cloud so your voice will always be heard.

What happens if I can’t be reached?

I am everywhere and I am always alert, even when you are not available, I am.

What happens if I am out of the office?

My integrated App makes it easy to run everything from your mobile phone.

How can I stay on top of changes?

My state of the art portal is simple to use, so you can carry out moves, adds and changes as soon as they are needed

I can’t reach my office due to unforeseen weather or transport problems.

No problem. I can keep your business working from anywhere you choose and direct your inbound calls there too.

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