SDWAN REMOTE – the simple, secure, cloud-managed connectivity solution that enables remote employees to work from anywhere using any type of connections, for superior application performance and reliability.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

The real benefits of SDWAN REMOTE

  • SDWAN REMOTE uses multiple connectivity types simultaneously (incl. WIFI and 4G LTE) and will fail over in the case of an outage on a connection
  • Direct internet breakout from the vendor’s global backbone, optimising cloud and SaaS user experience and negating the need for hair pinning through the corporate datacentre for Internet access.
  • SDWAN REMOTE is deviceless – the form factor is a downloadable client which sits directly on the worker’s windows laptop
  • Forward error correction to mitigate issues with packet loss, jitter & delay
  • Secure, robust connectivity back to the corporate environment.
  • No VPN concentrator to manage or purchase.
  • All-inclusive per user pm cost with no additional equipment or licenses required.
  • Head-end can use multiple forms of connectivity (including LTE)
  • Best path used for each new session opened
  • Sub-second failover
  • User application can set each individual connection as Enabled/Backup/Disabled for SDWAN REMOTE
  • Simple user setup – email sent to user to download app
  • Single pane of glass to see how head-end is coping
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

Eliminate traditional VPN problems

  • VPNs cannot limit a user’s access, it is all or nothing.
  • Most VPNs have no centralised remote management, 
  • More VPN connections means more time spent managing the VPN solution
  • VPNs rely on keys which change often leading to reconfiguration
  • VPN software can only use a single connection
  • VPN has a fixed endpoint i.e. a single point of failure
  • VPN technology was developed over 25 years ago when business requirements were very different.

Why you need SDWAN REMOTE

  • 90% home workers waste an average 30 minutes daily due to poor networks
  • Of those 9 out of 10 people, 12% report losing an hour or more
  • 84% of home workers suffer from an unreliable internet connection
  • 86% suffer from slow internet speeds
  • 8% of workers would consider a purely office-based role
  • 48% of workers want to permanently work from home
  • 44% of workers want a hybrid remote role
  • Equivalent per user costs of around 1/3rd a cup of coffee per day
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

SDWAN REMOTE explained in simple terms

Corporate VPNs were only ever meant to cater for 10 – 15% of staff working off site. But today’s reality is that up to 100% of all staff may be required to work from home or remotely. This is where IT, finance and compliance teams start to uncover problems. Corporate VPNs are labour intensive to manage, expensive to upscale due to the requirement for VPN concentrators and VPN user issues can make a remote worker unproductive for days.

Just like MPLS is not suitable to access Cloud applications, company VPNs were never designed for remote workers. Remote worker VPN support alone is stretching most IT departments to capacity. But these are not the only problems that VPN users face.

Backhauling traffic like Teams, Zoom, SFDC to the VPN concentrator and then on to the Cloud environment adds latency and bottlenecks, slow VPN speed frustrates workers and lowers productivity PLUS some workers have limited Internet access at home, frequent service interruptions and have to share Internet with the rest of their household.

SDWAN REMOTE from SDWAN Solutions eliminates all the problems above with a deviceless SD-WAN remote user solution. All the benefits of SD-WAN, all the functionality of a secure VPN with less problems, more efficiency and better performance.

SDWAN REMOTE is a software client that is downloaded onto users’ mobile phone and windows PC simply by IT teams assigning user licenses using corporate email addresses. It’s as easy as that. SDWAN REMOTE automatically provides encrypted access back to the corporate network, and by combining intelligent session-based path steering with dynamic link conditioning, boosts the performance of latency sensitive applications.

Users can work from anywhere, using any connectivity available and bonding different connections to boost access. The SDWAN Solutions tech team have tested the solution rigorously with ethernet direct into a router, with home and guest wi-fi, and with 4G from a router and a tethered mobile phone.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions


  • Cloud monitoring and management

  • Simplified provisioning via email


    • Zero trust network access

    • Multi-factor authentication

    • Chacha encryption

    Quality of Experience

    • Seamless multi-link failover

    • Dynamic link conditioning (FEC)

    • Intelligent session-based path steering

      Use Cases

      • Work from anywhere over any connections

      • Secure access to cloud-based applications

      • Secure access to the corporate LAN

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      SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
      SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions
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