SDWAN & SASE CHANNEL ASSIST includes all components, processes, services, support, training and documentation required to supply tailored, multi-vendor SD-WAN and SASE solutions to your customer base, as standard. You have the ability to integrate your core services into the solution and replace services with your own where possible & where required. 

SDWAN Solutions SDWAN Channel ASSIST

Our Channel ASSIST programme powers your SD-WAN strategy

We’ve been involved in global networking for over 22 years & 100% focused on SD-WAN technology for the last 6 – spending every second learning, understanding and developing solutions around the technology. We developed SDWAN CHANNEL ASSIST to help solve the problems around gaps in SD-WAN knowledge and inexperience within the Channel market.  We see SD-WAN as an opportunity for all sizes and types of businesses and no one should be left behind.

We are the UK’s only SD-WAN subject matter experts for the MEF – setting SD-WAN standards and global SD-WAN certification. Our design and installation lessons learned book is already bursting at the seams and we share our experience and vast knowledge with you and your customers, making sure that solutions are designed correctly first time, delivered within budget, delivered on time and most importantly, we make sure that solutions deliver what your customer needs. 

The telecoms market is no longer dominated by large global players, if anything they are slower to adapt and hesitant to change their historic business models, and desperate to protect revenues. SDWAN and SASE CHANNEL ASSIST presents an incredible opportunity to the smaller players, MSP’s, consultancies and resellers, we are here to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Our partner tiers are suitable for partners of all sizes

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

As an SDWAN ASSIST Channel Partner you have full access to the SDWAN and SASE Channel ASSIST programme with services provided as and when you need them. Designed for partners who need help with 1 or 2 projects a year.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

An Alliance Partnership is a formal partnership agreement that guarantees the partner ongoing support, training and marketing, with a fixed additional discount applied to services and solutions.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

A Strategic Partnership is a formal partnership agreement, for partners that generate above £500K revenue per annum, and guarantees the partner ongoing support, training, and marketing, with a higher fixed additional discount applied to services and solutions.

SDWAN Solutions SaSe solutions

An Investment Partner owns a 1% share in an SDWAN Solutions Group company and has a formal partnership agreement guaranteeing the partner ongoing support, training and marketing, with the highest fixed additional discount applied to services and solutions.

Sell tailored multi-vendor SD-WAN or SASE solutions your way


A simple REFERRAL to SDWAN Solutions who will supply the services to your customer, and you receive a referral fee for the life of the contract.


A simple RESELL of the Services: you contract directly to SDWAN Solutions for the services or solution, and you resell them to your end customer.


BUILD YOUR OWN: you use the SDWAN Solutions service modules, add in your own services i.e. connectivity, to create your own solution, under your own branding.

With SDWAN and SASE CHANNEL ASSIST, offering SD-WAN or SASE to your customers couldn’t be easier…


Direct your customers to your own branded SDWAN ASSIST webpage


Customers complete the ASSIST web form, or you can do it for them


ASSIST aligns the correct SD-WAN and/or SASE vendor, designs a solution, creates a full proposal and sends this to you


You add in your services (if required) and send to your customer as a complete, tailored solution proposal

….and then relax as we take care of everything for you

We supply everything you need, when you need it

• ASSIST – 100% online Automated Solution Scoping & Intelligent Sales Tool
• Complete suite of SD-WAN services from 9 of the world’s top vendors
• SASE and integrated security solutions from 4 top vendors
• uCPE equipment to run both SD-WAN and security on a single device
• Full suite of professional services including RFP creation
• Complete solutions or cherry pick modular services
• Bespoke solution design according to exact customer requirements
• White-label solution design diagrams and solution proposal document
• Include your own connectivity or we can provide part or all for you
• Full access to our technical and sales expert resources whenever needed
• Technical and Sales focused training on SD-WAN technology
• Services are delivered in over 190 countries
• Proof of concept and Pilot services undertaken for you
• Access to our multi-region Research and Development laboratory
• Full solution management options
• 24 x 7 technical support helpdesk
• Field engineer services in 190 countries
• Orchestrator hosting and management options
• Layer 4 additional encryption as part of SDWAN COMPLETE
• Internet middle mile optimisation as part of SDWAN COMPLETE
• SDWAN REMOTE – deviceless SD-WAN for home working
• SDWAN CLOUD and public / private cloud integration
• Rescue and recovery of failed projects

” We helped 2 channel partners secure over £1 million contract value in new SD-WAN revenue in the first 2 months of partnering with us – and we did everything for them! “

GIOS partnered with SDWAN Solutions for a global implementation of Silver Peak SD-WAN for a Tier One international client. GIOS was requested to assist with this project which was in a state of recovery, having been designed incorrectly prior to SDWAN Solutions joining the project.

SDWAN Solutions were our partner of choice and they’ve helped us to understand why the project was in recovery mode, what the design faults were and how to turn the project around and reach a successful conclusion. Combined with their strong relationship with Silver Peak, SDWAN Solutions brought exceptional intelligence and expertise to quickly identify the issues and handled what was a political charged situation to a positive state and a successful project.

We will work with SDWAN Solutions on any projects that require SD-WAN expertise having generated a level of confidence that any challenge can be overcome.”

Stephen Masefield

Director, GIOS Technology

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