There are many technological challenges for the non-profit sector, but we have long disputed the 2017 Select Committee Report findings that, overall, claims charities are somehow falling short in the technology stakes.

So convinced are we that charities are more than willing to adopt new technology that (like SD-WAN) will save money, make online donating more secure and allow for uber-fast download of some of the most compelling video stories on the entire Net, that we’re offering charities free managemnet of your solution, for the life of your contract.

But first, here’s our own report on the technology trends and insights that will impact on charities, non-profit and third sector in 2020

The Age Factor – Charities need to engage with the youth to find younger donors and volunteers

Many of the UK’s charities have donors over the age of sixty, likewise their volunteers. It is imperative that charities find donors and supporters within younger generations, in order to future proof their very existence, and ensure their incredible work goes on to benefit that very same younger generation. It’s something of a paradox that Millennials and Generation Z might be risking charitable support because their generation are not supporting charities like previous generations.


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The Generation Factor – Millennials and Generation Z need charity engagement

Now, what we’ve said above might seem harsh, but this is not an exercise in generation bashing. Far from it – this generational shift is down to the fact that the digital native generations communicate differently from many charities focused on communicating with their donors and supporters who are over 60. The paradox continues. And no, we haven’t started charity bashing either – this is no Luddite battle against technology or social media as some report writers claim. It merely shows there has to be TWO feathers in the digital communication strategy cap: one for the pre and one for the  post tech revolution.

There are many older surfers with tablets and smartphones and there is no argument that the tech-savvy generation is aging, but it is crucial to remember that they frequent different areas of the Net. You won’t find many over 50’s on snapchat, likewise the under 20’s largely ignoring Facebook is just one example of this Internet divide. Our full trends report goes into detail more on this subject, and can be downloaded by subscribing to our SD-WAN library

The Experience Factor – insights on how to attract Millennials and Generation Z

Both Millennials and Gen Z favour experiences over purchases. Some cynics might lay this particular trend at the door of another trend – high house prices creating generation rent. With both demographics being less likely to own a house (possibly ever!) they have less space to fill with purchases and often live in shared accommodation longer with a much less personal space then previous generations. So, they spend their disposable income on experiences like travel, fine dining, concerts, festivals, etc etc.

Another trend could feed into this ‘experience over products’ phenomenon – Social media. It’s much more fun, engaging and interesting to post picture of you with a glorious sunset and palm-ridden backdrop than of your new wallpaper or even your latest designer trainers, which are really only good for one post!

Whatever it is, it affords charities a huge opportunity, but only with the right technology. Video, AR and VR are allowing for real-life-feel remote experiences, so where better to utilise this experience-enabling tech than in allowing potential donors the opportunity to experience your beneficiaries lives and needs. How better to truly show them the reality of their donation or support? Create snapshot videos for your new generation of experience-hungry donors and they’ll post it all over the Net for you.

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The Video Factor – video content is fast becoming more popular than written content

Although not a new trend it is a trend that will continue to grow throughout 2020. Video is a much more instantaneous way of getting a message across, it is enormously more attractive for posting on social media and garners a much higher ‘click, like and share rate’ than the written word.

This is another area where charities can excel – who has a more compelling story to tell than you, your beneficiaries and your active supporters. We’ll tell you who – NO ONE!

However, in an impatient world where waiting times on downloads (both for sites and video content) is less than 5 seconds you’ll need to ensure an uber-fast connection, like SD-WAN provides, to ensure people can download, watch and share your incredible stories, fast.


The Cash Factor – how to make online donations ever more secure for the bitcoin generation

There are several factors around cash, money, spondoolies that will impact on charities on 2020

  • The death of cash: cards, hot wallets, smartphone payments, online everything means the rattling of the donation pot around town and on the fun run is much quieter these days
  • The rise of cryptocurrencies: Not only can the very use of this currency generate huge wealth for charities, but talking about it and allowing for donations in bitcoins would attract the younger generations that charities need.
  • Online scams, phishing and hacking: The conmen and thieves are never far behind the latest security technology and one breach, one hack and reputations will suffer. Security and SD-WAN are intrinsically linked, with high levels of security in-built into the its very infrastructure.

We go into greater detail on the above macro-trends for the charity sector in 2020 in our full trend report please do download it and share with colleagues in your organisation and beyond.

BUT, more importantly we are inviting charities and non-profit organisations to work with us to publicly demonstrate that charities ARE embracing the latest technologies and take advantage of our FREE SOLUTION MANAGEMENT offer, which could save you £45,000 every year in reduced staff costs alone! – Contact Nicola, your dedicated charity liaison HERE

Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers

CMO, SDWAN Solutions

Kelly, heads up SDWAN Solutions Group Marketing and Social department and is a multi-award winning marketing, communications and innovation expert with over 20 years experience.
She has worked on projects for five global technology giants, four of the big six supermarkets, three of the UK’s leading retailers, the world’s largest licensed brand and one of the big three publishers, as well as many corporations, public sector agencies, government departments, charities and NFPs globally.
To date Kelly has scooped over 19 awards for her work and two of her campaigns have gone through UK Parliament as white papers.

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